9 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom, in Comedic Form

  1. After their health problems with Kenzie the Westie (RIP 10/2012) and little old rescue me (still sort of kicking), their new dogs are “mixes”.

    1. Purebreds need love too! There are plenty of rescues, though not as perfect as yourself, looking for homes. It’s the ‘creation of demand’ though buying purebreds that bothers me.

  2. I’m a mutt and proud of it! Well, I’m a cross-breed between two pure-bred terriers, but I think that still counts as a mutt 🙂
    I have to say though that it has not guaranteed me good health as I have colitis and had to have knee surgery at a year old to correct a luxating patella. But you should see me run and jump now!! *now where’s that ball*

  3. Reblogged this on The Lesser Canine and commented:
    I definitely knew to equate “purebreeding” with “inbreeding” but now “borderline animal abuse” also resonates with me. If you think you are a “Golden Retriever” person (I know I am. If there was one “purebred” dog that I would love – it would be a Golden, but i’d never buy one ofcourse!), or a “poodle” person or a “bulldog” person or a <> person, think again!
    Watch this video and truly understand what “breed” means.

  4. Of course we mostly know this and dog shows pander to the whims of humans – it’s an arena for people, dogs are incidental. I like The Man, but he’s not a “Show Dog” I had enough of all that when my sister was here. She bred Chows for show and I got roped in to helping with the shows. She lived dogs. It was a standard joke with the family that after you came off the phone to her someone would ask how she was ” I have no idea – but the dogs are “. I want a good, happy Mutt – just like me :o)

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