The Tyson saga!

Make sure to click on the newspaper clipping to read it! I love the part about all the irritating things Tyson did… that were missed so much! Glad he made it home!


Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.09.19 PMThis is a column I wrote at the Gulf Daily News back in the beginning of 2010 when our pet Tyson returned home after having gone missing for three days.
I was reminded of those times by a blog I wrote yesterday (Mutt on the coast) and a comment that followed saying how humans insist on getting animals to comply with their “silly endeavors.”

Tyson gets a clean-up job, courtesy Yours Truly! Tyson gets a clean-up job, courtesy Yours Truly! 20140614_182321 Tyson with the love of his life, Asveen, just before she travelled to attend college. IMG-1408774534528-V Tyson now occupies an entire bed, and an entire room, all for himself!

I totally agree! Why should pets, particularly dogs, who are known to carry the same emotions and feelings as humans, follow man’s every whim when man does not himself do so for the dog?
So we have let Tyson be and take him for his “walk” only for him to…

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4 thoughts on “The Tyson saga!

    1. None of the main Hoard would take off, but Pablo… he’d chase something and then get lost in the process!

  1. We had a beloved hound mix, Maggie Moo, who was one to put her nose to the ground and follow the scent. The few times she escaped, I remember chasing desperately after her. She would walk/run just slightly faster than I could and she’d turn from time to time to look over her shoulder at me. I came home one day to find Hubby with torn jeans and a swollen knee. He’d run and tackled her as she stopped to pick up some scent. I’ve no doubt that desire to follow the scent is what landed her in the county shelter where Hubby found her. We lost her last August to a ruptured tumor. I swore many times I’d never have another hound (mostly while in hot pursuit of her). My husband and I were just talking today how we have to have another hound someday.

    1. It’s always the ones who drove us nuts, isn’t it? 🙂

      I hope you do find it in your heart to bring another creature, equally capable of working on your nerves, into your home. The world would be such a better place if everyone realized the value of trouble makers!

      I would say I’m sorry for your loss, but I have a feeling Maggie Moo never really left. You are the luckiest person in the world to have called her family. Remember that always.

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