How To Smell Pretty Living with 12, I Mean 14 Dogs: Product Review of Soapgoods Fragrance Oils

It may come as a shock, but living with 14 dogs, on a property with horses, it takes a little work to maintain the status of Olfactorily Pleasing.

Back when I had a life, I made lotions and potions, soaps and salves…  you get the picture.  It was during that time I learned about Soap Goods, more particularly, its line of fragrant oils.

As a normal life as I knew it drifted away, I began using the very same oils previously procured for toiletries, on the dog beds,  to counteract the fragrance of Eau de Wet Dog Who Hath Rolled in a Horse Stall.

First the beds were washed with laundry detergent and either bleach or apple cider vinegar.  Then I would sprinkle a few drops of fragrant oil on the wet laundry before putting it in the dryer.



Some things are hopelessly stinky.  Slugger is one of them.    The longest he has ever stayed fresh and clean was about 2 hours before he went to the Arizona's Favorite Dog Contest final judging, in 2012.
Some things are hopelessly stinky. Slugger is one of them. The longest he has ever stayed fresh and clean was the  2 hours we had him pinned down before he went to the Arizona’s Favorite Dog Contest final judging, in 2012.  He was a lost cause before, and he’s been a lost cause ever since.


Turns out, not only did the oils remove? cover up? or whatever, of any smells left over after a wash, but the dog beds themselves became room fresheners, making the entire house smell great.  Even the back yard smelled wonderful if you were standing near the dryer vent, farther away if the breeze was right.

It didn’t take long before I did the same treatment to bedclothes, bath towels, even clothing, to get the same result.  Though Crabby has a tendency to complain when his underwear smells of fresh Jasmine, even he has to admit we don’t have the multi-dog home stink that others do.

Soap Goods carries 119 different fragrant oils.  Of those, I use Lilac, Gardenia, Vanilla Bean (Crabby’s favorite for his underwear), Strawberry, English Rose and Jasmine Dreams.  With this year’s order, I lived dangerously and tried Chocolate, which will now be on the permanent order list.

Notice I said this year’s order.  I only order once a year.  1 – 3.4oz bottle of each from the list in the previous paragraph is enough to last Run A Muck Ranch an entire year.   More than a year now since I added a flavor.

To give you an idea of laundry volume:  I did 11 (eleven) loads) last weekend.  Only 2 of them were clothes.  That didn’t include the loads done during the week.  Yes, Run A Muck Ranch fans, we have a lot of laundry.   I will admit, I don’t use the oils on all clothing loads, but still, a  little dab will do you, making the bottles last a long time.  That the bottles come with a convenient shaker top to prevents spills and waste is a bonus.   With all the laundry, there’s still enough left over for what few toiletries I still make, as well as a few emergency rinses on Slugger when he’s having a truly potent day.






If you want to get rid of dog smell, while giving your home the fragrance of, well, just about anything, go to and pick your scent!  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.



15 thoughts on “How To Smell Pretty Living with 12, I Mean 14 Dogs: Product Review of Soapgoods Fragrance Oils

    1. I don’t know how you can get them in the dryer, but I was able to get mine to use a leave in conditioner I make, which makes him smell like strawberries 🙂

  1. Let me get this right. You want to get RID of dog smell and substitute it with flowers? Why? I’m with Slugger on this one. That oil stuff hurts my nose.

  2. i really like the dryer idea!! but i have to use natural oils, not the soap kind, i like doTerra, but i can’t afford to buy any lately, so i just buy a citrus natural oil from the health food store, will try it with the laundry, that’s a grand idea!!!

    1. I used to use essential oils and floral waters, then the Great Dog Infestation ramped up… ergo the inability to by the posh stuff. That said, I was really impressed with the true to scent of the Soapgoods products.

  3. I’m a believer in oils, so why have I NEVER thought to use them on my animals things? Oh wait, I remember, Samson was allergic to EVERYTHING, so no oils. Now that he’s safe at Rainbow Bridge, I shall pull my oils out for the three remaining beast. The girls LOVE perfuming in anything and everything DEAD!!!!!!! (Why?!) I know what I’m doing this weekend. Now let’s hope none of them are allergic to it.

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