Gertie, Recently

Yup, Gertie is still here.

The few people who called on the fliers I posted didn’t read them very well, and discussion of Gert’s age was the deal breaker for some.  Those who weren’t concerned about her age didn’t read the part about her being a house dog.  That the interested parties intended to keep Gertie outside was a deal breaker for me.

Sweet Gertie, still sporting the bad haircut.
Sweet Gertie, still sporting the bad haircut.

A rescue did eventually list Gertie on their web site, but her bio was cut off mid sentence.  Hey, she’s listed though!

A no-kill shelter offered to take her but we declined.   An old lady needs to be in a home, not a kennel.

A foster offer also eventually came up, but by that time it had been almost 2 months and Gertie had settled in.  A month earlier, we would have jumped at the chance.  But by the time the offer came, we knew Gertie.  To send her away knowing she would be moved again at least once, maybe more if she didn’t work out at the foster home, well, what can I say, we’re weak.   Gertie will go from here to her permanent home, if one can be found.  One final move.

At times I question her intelligence.
At times I question her intelligence.

Unfortunately, the number of senior dogs needing homes exponentially out numbers homes needing senior dogs.   If no one steps up to make Gertie their princess, well, I guess you know how the story will end for her.  It wouldn’t be the best ending, however.

While Gertie isn’t unhappy here, she would be much happier in a lower dog density/higher Gertie time home.   I know, some of you are thinking The Ranch is the perfect home, but think about it:  She’s 10.  She’s had an entire lifetime behind her and now she has to start at the bottom of the pecking order, behind a pretty wild bunch.   She’s slower than the rest of the kids and they don’t wait up for her on the desert walks.  She can’t adapt as well as a younger kid can.  Try as she does, where Pablo was accepted, she hasn’t been.  It’s not that the other kids are mean to her, it’s that they ignore her.  When she tries to participate in Misfit Games, they stop playing and walk away.   Even Pablo traded her in for a younger model. Gertie deserves so much better.

Beautiful Gertie
Beautiful Gertie

We, and by we I mean I, haven’t given up yet.  Crabby gave up the day he hefted her into the Waggin’ Waggon the first time.  But there will come a time when we will have to give Gertie her official promise, if she doesn’t find another home.   That said, I don’t want Gertie to have to settle for simply being not unhappy, so I my fingers are crossed someone is out there for her.

In the meantime, however,  Gertie is loved.  She is treated as one of the family and is learning how to train us.  I make sure she gets lots of hugs, kisses and butt scratches every day.  She’s not a cuddler, and sometimes likes to be alone.  But when she asks for attention, I give it to her.



Because Gertie doesn’t voluntarily exercise, and exercise is very important, especially for old ladies, she  and I walk every night.  Though she doesn’t appreciate the warm temperatures, I think she does enjoy the “Her” time.  I’ve tried taking a second dog on the walks, but Gertie pouts. So, it’s just me and Gertie.

Gertie isn't much of a speed demon, and she listens well, so she only leash walks near traffic.  She strolls perfectly off leash.
Gertie isn’t much of a speed demon, and she listens well, so she only leash walks near traffic. She strolls perfectly off leash.

Whoever ends up with Gertie, be it someone we haven’t met yet, or us, will be truly blessed indeed.  For Gertie’s sake, however it ends up, I hope she’s happy.

As I write this, Gert is at my feet.  While I hope she can find better feet to lay down at, mine will always be available as long as she needs them.


22 thoughts on “Gertie, Recently

  1. Thank you for keeping her safe and loved while she waits for that perfect home. If it is not already found (yours!)…I hope it arrives soon.

    1. So do we! I think you of all people understand why this isn’t the best place for her. It isn’t the worst, and we certainly wouldn’t throw her out, but she can do so much better.

      1. I do understand. And I especially appreciate that you are holding on to her until her final forever home is found. Thank you for what you do.

  2. Totally love Gertie…senior pooches are wonderful..and I so agree..she would not last long in a kennel..i think she would give up…so best she be with loving peeps and a house full of semi-lunatic dogs…and I mean that in the best way possible 🙂 than in a kennel..i hope soon someone can see what you do and what I think we ALL do and can give her a better Gertie to peep ratio :)..meanwhile back at the ranch as they say…she looks a lark…the water will be great weight bearing for her joints too 🙂 way to go guys 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

    1. Talk about point and shoot – there was no ‘training’ necessary! I don’t know why more people don’t see the treasures in old dogs.

      1. Hahaahaha 🙂 I don’t know either..they are wonderful companions…my boys are older..11 and nearly 12…and greying like me…but they are loving and so well loved….old dogs are glorious 🙂

  3. Thanks for all what you did for Gertie. I’m glad that she can stay at the ranch and with you till a a fabulous home, made just for Gertie shows up. I cross my paws that the best for this sweet girl will happen. She deserves it.

  4. May I link this ‘blog’ on my blog and facebook? I’ll see if I can help. Although it’s hot as hades in south Mississippi, most of us with brains keep our dogs inside or outside with plenty of water, a baby pool, and a blowing fan. (You know all of mine stay in! I kept running them back in all day Saturday and yesterday. Our neighbor lost his dog to a heat stroke Sunday. I won’t go into his intelligence. I was FUMING! Every outside he gets from now on, will suddenly go missing, I’m kidnapping them and taking them to the humane society. He doesn’t deserve an outside dog!) Sorry all of that was off topic, but I feel better now, smile.

    1. we love reblogs! Though I wouldn’t let Gertie move out of State. One of the conditions of a rehome is that if there is a problem, ever, she comes back to us.

      We get people here that keep dogs outside in the heat and cold. I don’t understand…

  5. Reblogged this on Gemini and commented:
    Calling all dog lovers/owners, we have a senior dog who needs to find her fur-ever home. She needs to be the only dog. She isn’t aggressive, she just doesn’t seem to fit into ‘packs’. She’s a loner, so all you loners out there, give Gertie a look-see and let’s give her the love she obviously didn’t get before arriving at Run A Muck Ranch.

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