O! M! G!

A few weeks ago, someone e-mailed me offering a painted portrait of one of the Run A Muck Ranch kids in exchange for placing a badge of her web site on this blog for a time.

We get lots of people and  businesses sending us similar e-mails, but to date, no one has ever followed through.   We really didn’t have any expectations for the most current contact.

I just checked my e-mail and found this:


8 x 10 acrylic
8 x 10 acrylic


For those who don’t recognize the photo this came from, see The Great Snickerdoodle Caper.

We LOVE it!  and that’s an understatement…

Christmas is just around the corner folks.  If there’s a Dog Mom on your list, here’s the perfect gift!  Samara, the artist, offers 8 x 10 portraits, starting at just $75.  That’s actually within a price range even Run A Muck Ranch can afford!  Perhaps Santa, and by Santa I mean Crabby, will bring me 2 more!  (Hey, every other Christmas he tells me he’s the best gift I can ever get.  What’s wrong with asking for a splurge one year!)

One way or another, Saramara WILL be hearing from Run A Muck Ranch again!

To get your own portrait painted, contact this incredible artist:

Samara Doumnande

SamDoum Art
52 Englewood Hill
Pittsford NY, 14534

Visit her web site at SamDoumArt.com

Love her on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/SamDoumArt

Follow her blog at http://samdoumart.blogspot.com/

As soon as I figure out how to actually put a badge on this blog, you can be sure it will be prominently and permanently displayed!





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