An Actual, Real, Scary Moment

This very thing could have happened in the back yard.   You get used to it.  For that reason, after all the shouting stopped, we continued our romp, but in an area away from the snake.

Living in a box isn’t living.  All we can do is hope the world is kind enough to allow us to give the kids as much fun as we can, whenever we can.    That being said, we WILL freak out when we find a biting snake between 2 of our kids, not more than 3 feet away from them!

I assure you, we encounter fewer Rattlesnakes on the desert with the dogs than I personally do at work.  There are days I’m up close and personal with more than 1.



6 thoughts on “An Actual, Real, Scary Moment

    1. I think my mommy freaking may have contributed.

      Tell Kali there are ducks that the waterhole! We went to the one she went to last night!

    1. I actually freak when I first see a snake, then I remind myself everything was put here for a reason.

      Once we got the dogs away from the rattler, we continued on with our mud expedition. Contrary to what my mother believes, snakes don’t stalk! 🙂

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