My How Things Have Changed…

Remember when Marcy was but a feral waif, afraid to move?  Wherever we placed her is where she stayed, until we moved her to another location. We started calling her “The Paper Weight”.

As she started to relax, under the people bed became her cave of safety.  Eventually, she did venture out into the big bad house, and came to learn the advantages of having a home.  Still, having missed human contact in all of her imprint periods, to this day, Marcy still uses ‘defensive’ sleeping positions.

Well, except for one place.  Right up there with Morty, water, and regular food, the people bed has a prominent place on Marcy’s Favorites List.

At first, Marcy tried to take up as much space as she could.  Note completely relaxed posture.





Then she started slightly re-arranging the comforter to her liking.   Where curled in a ball, nose tightly tucked to tail (defensive) is the norm for nervous dogs, Marcy included (anywhere else in the house),  Marcy strives to do the same move in reverse on the people bed.




Then she started giving me the “What-everrrr!” look when I asked her to move so I could fix the bed covers.




Now she just burrows in.   This is what she did this morning.


You don't really intend to make me move, do you Mother???
You don’t really intend to make me move, do you Mother???


45  minutes later, just before I punted her lazy buttocks out of bed.  I didn’t get to sleep in, why should Marcy?!  We had a lot to do before Crabby and Morty got back from their camping trip!




The overall rearranging Marcy did so make the people bed more to her liking.   Yes, I had already made it!  How could one little dog wreak so much havoc?







I look back fondly on those days when Marcy was too afraid to assert herself!


14 thoughts on “My How Things Have Changed…

  1. Awwww. you love her new confidence and assertiveness, it makes your day, knowing how far she has come….just admit it lol you would not have it any other way!

    1. Well, we’d like the bed to stay made… Crabby has come home a few times thinking I got home from work and took a nap. It was Marcy mucking up the bedcovers!!

  2. I didn’t realize tail to nose was a defensive posture. My Maebelle (Chihuahua) has ALWAYS slept like that, until she gets hot then it’s take over the bed position.

    I will make up my bed, go to work and when I return home, Molly (the Chiweenie) has remade the bed to HER likely. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Curled up isn’t necessarily defensive. It’s when the nose is tightly under the tail, tail tightly wrapped around the body, with no soft body parts exposed (I call it the k9 armadillo position), that you are dealing with a nervous dog. Marcy, Emmi and a street urchin we tried to help years ago were the best examples of sleeping in the doggie armadillo position.

      Belly up, sprawled out, and otherwise odd but open positions are those of a dog with no worries.

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