Kitchen Nightmares at Run A Muck Ranch

You might find this hard to believe, but spending hours every week cooking for the kids is not as fun as it sounds.  Not to mention what the house smells like during, and for an extended time after, each cook.

I decided to attempt a marathon cook.  My mission: To prepare an entire month’s worth of food as quickly as possible.  By quickly, we’re talking about the 4 Day plan, every day, after work.

I guess I got a little tired on Day 3 because it all went to Hell in a hand basket.  This is the result:



7 thoughts on “Kitchen Nightmares at Run A Muck Ranch

  1. Oh no…. that’s horrible. I never thought that rice has such a blasting power.I wish I could come to help you. And Easy could support Hector, of course :o) I ruined the kitchen once with overboiled beef tripe, the stink was overwhelming :o(

    1. You are a lot braver than me. I’ve heard stories of green tripe – too scared to even transport it in my truck!

  2. Look at the package. You must have used poprice which is quasi-related to popcorn except heat activates popcorn and cold activates poprice.

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