What’s in the Water????

You all know our Emmi.  Cuddly, sweet, delightful, well-mannered, loves everyone, Emmi.





Most of the time, she’s a joy to be around.

But when exposed to water, she turns into this:


Pic by Crazy, 8/4/14, unexpected Sunday Family Desert Walk after a night of storms.





Do you think there’s something in the water????


15 thoughts on “What’s in the Water????

  1. Chienne has never been in the water mainly because of the trauma of driving her anywhere. And, to be truthful, it really does not do my poor ears all that much good either :o)

  2. Oh my gosh! You should have had a disclaimer at the beginning of this post for people not to take a swallow of coffee. I’m still cleaning up the drips off the computer screen. That was just priceless. Nothing like a dog’s joy to set the day right. You go, Emmi, enjoy that water!

    1. We’re getting quite the collection of Wet Emmi pics! We’re wondering if a collection would be good for a calendar – or if her evil visage might scare people too much 🙂

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