Finally Got a Laptop!

As you have no doubt noticed, summer work, which is exponentially longer, harder, and more unpredictable than winter work, takes over, my writing tends to become sporadic and less well written.   The addition of 2 more Heathen, one of whom requires some veterinary work, has not helped as I now have to seek out yet more work to pay his bills.  Let’s not mention the fact that I am spreading myself thinner at home with 2 more mouths to feed and butts to scratch.

I’ve pretty much fallen woefully behind on my schooling, blog, and a couple of other writing projects as a result.

We have been talking about the possibility of purchasing a laptop so I can write when the ideas come, no matter where I am, for some time now, but finances and time to make such a purchase were lacking.  Until today.

Today, I had the time.  Today, we finally decided to splurge and get me a lap top.

This particular laptop is indestructible AND theft proof.  I could take a sledgehammer to it, at the bottom of a pool filled with boiling water, and it will still work, once it dries out!  We left it on the passenger seat, of an unlocked Waggin’ Wagon, while we did our weekly hunting and gathering expedition at the grocery store today, and no one stole it, despite it being the busiest day of the week for that particular store!  I don’t care how hot it gets, and it gets HOT here, the new laptop will not be damaged.

Want to see it?  Here it is:





OK, so I have limited storage capacity,  but I only need 3 file folders for now.  I can always get more “memory modules”  in the future.  I don’t have the ability to use Cloud storage, but hey, I don’t use the Cloud anyway.

What I’m really excited about is the total cost:


Hey, mock me all you want, but my lap top doesn’t need charging, will never need to be repaired and will never crash!

Sarah Butt Scrtatch Photo Bomb
Sarah Butt Scratch Photo Bomb






22 thoughts on “Finally Got a Laptop!

    1. Actually, my laptop is more environmentally friendly than the ‘electrical’ one! The resources are renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable.

      1. I agree my paper stuff is renewable.. ;)…and if you have more chance of finding something than having it get lost in the miasma of electronic components!

  1. Just don’t let one of the pupsters eat your posts/homework! 🙂
    Finally, someone who looks at it from a practical point of view and at such a savings–good for you! Gotta love the portability and minimal impact to the environment.

  2. My human says she likes your new laptop. Though she’d have donated you her old computer version happily but for the cost of sending it across the Atlantic. As for me, I think you have made the better choice…!

      1. I prefer brilliantly quirky and practical! My lap top is so slow, and I had no internet at home for a while and so I too have grabbed a note book and pen to jot down blog ideas. Here I was thinking I was an original but no, you do it better – in triplicate ;0)

  3. Ah, I wish you would’ve said something about wanting/needing one, I could’ve mailed you mine. I just gave it to my brother. If he’s not using it, I’ll get it back. I think he bought himself a tablet. Hold your breath and cross your fingers and give me a few days to see what i can come up with.

    1. Thank you for the kind offer, but one of the reasons we have balked at getting a ‘computer’ laptop is the possibility of damaging or destroying it in my work truck. If nothing else, the heat would kill it!

      My new ‘lap top’ is working very well!

  4. My other laptop travels everywhere with me, on buses, trains and in the car. It even comes with me when I take herself to hospital, the doctors or just shopping. My “other” laptop is called a Filofax and it is more important to me than any electronic device.

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