Pablo has stage 4 gingivitis and will need, at least, 2 teeth extracted.  Total cost of first stage treatment: around $700, assuming only 2 teeth are removed.   Un-anesthetized, nippy, little dogs aren’t the easiest to control when trying to examine their teeth.

Chances of any rescue financially taking him on now:  Slim to none.  Sizable vet bill, even with a rescue discount, already assured.  How long the vet bills will pile up?  Unknown.




Chances of any vet helping us out with this:  Slim to none.  We’re not a rescue.    I think the last time we ever got so much as a free physical  for a foundling was the late ’90’s.  This despite the business we provided with our own dogs, and the referrals I made to the clinics.  Indeed, my  most favorite encounter was the vet who showed me a brochure of the boat he was buying with the money we, with only 7 dogs of our own at the time, were buying for him!




If we have to pay $700 in vet bills for a dog who isn’t ours, only to give him away, well, ain’t going to happen.   We spent thousands of personal funds on Emmi and Slugger and took a lot of flack, both from those interested in, and to a significantly lesser extent, the rescues who ‘represented’ them, that a re-home fee was irrational given they both still had Valley Fever.  It left a really bad taste in my mouth that we couldn’t fix our roof (to this day, incidentally), but had to discount the rescue’s adoption fee of $125 for a woman who just returned from holiday in Europe!   If someone with the financial ability to pay an adoption fee without even blinking balks at ‘paying full price’, what are the chances that same person will care for the kid(s) in an emergency?  We’re not willing to finance a great rescue story for someone else, especially when that person makes it known early on, cost is a consideration.

One option to save the money would be  to say we will surrender Pablo to anyone who will get him taken care of.   That boat didn’t float for Sarah when we found out taking care of her issues would cost significantly more than we could even hope to earn, even if I worked 24/7.   In Sarah’s case, at least she didn’t bite!  Pablo likes the taste of human flesh, at least when he first meets a person.   Not thinking there’s a benevolent wealthy person out there who loves feisty, nippy chihuahua mixes, especially one who’s about 6 years old.




The final option would be to surrender Pablo to MCACC, the 2nd highest kill shelter in the United States,  Pitbulls and Chihuahuas dying the most. Pablo’s fear biting would probably cause MCACC to immediately put him down rather than waste time posting him to the e-list.  Of course I would get him shared on Facebook stating that if no one takes him by tomorrow at 4:30 pm, he will go to the pound.  I hope you, reader, know me better than that.   Crabby didn’t cut Pablo away from that tree, only to throw him away due to the pickle we’re in.  None of this is Pablo’s fault.

So, without further adieu, unless a rescue or individual, willing to get Pablo taken care of, and to whom I will willingly surrender him, falls from the sky before he becomes a very expensive kid, I present to you Pablo of Run A Muck Ranch.




As you can see from his photos, he’ll probably have no objections to the arrangement.

For my part, I’ll open myself up to exploitation on Craig’s list, offering discounted landscape services to raise money for Pablo’s bills.   It may take a few months, and, as a result, he may lose an extra tooth or 2, but he’ll be OK.  He isn’t in any pain.  He can still chew a serious bone.  The discomfort is on anyone within range of his breath, what we’ve been calling The Breath of Death.

Instead of offering your congratulations on #13, please give me your hopes and prayers that the possible foster home for Gertie comes through.

Truth be known, and please don’t tell Pablo:  Between the 2, Gertie is the one I kind of hoped we’d get ‘stuck’ with.  She brings Maude back to us with her old lady needs and ways.


Maude, Emmi and Morty demonstrating proper space saving sleep arrangment.
Maude, Emmi and Morty demonstrating proper space saving sleep arrangement.



When I saw this, I teared up a little.  Gertie knows how to sleep in the Run A Muck Ranch way.
When I saw this, I teared up a little.  I swear it was Maude with Slugger for just a split second. Gertie knows how to sleep in the Run A Muck Ranch way.  

6 thoughts on “News

  1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for all of you. Have you considered setting up a kickstarter for vet bills? I’m sure people would donate, though I don’t know how the logistics of that would look on your end.

    1. Since no rescue will touch Pablo, even just to courtesy post that he’s looking for a home, chances of finding a home, absent Craig’s List, which we would never do, chances finding the right home is slim. Crowd sourcing is an option if Pablo had a place to go after his vet bills were paid, but if he has nowhere to go, and because we would never dump him without a place to go, crowd sourcing isn’t an option.

    1. If only we had someone saying they were interested in adopting Pablo… then crowd funding would be an option.

  2. I agree with trying a crowd funding site for vet bills, there are a variety of them out there. You could also try an wish list for some of the things that the dogs need that you have to buy, though I know you make the majority of your own dog food.

    1. The rub here is rehome-ability. If he is not rehomable due to his biting, crowd funding for his vet bills is the same as asking others to support our dogs.

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