Do I Have a Future in Dog Grooming?

Yes, Gertie and Pablo are still here.

Gertie really takes umbrage with the heat . She will go only the minimal distance out the back door, do her business, and immediately return to the comforts of air conditioning.  Pretty soon, we’ll open the door, she will stick her butt out, do her thing, then go back down the hall, never actually leaving the house!

Even inside, she never seems to cool off.  Tonight I took steps to make her more comfortable:


Do you think I have a future in dog grooming?
Do you think I have a future in dog grooming?
Is it me, or does Willy appear to be laughing at Gertie?
Is it me, or does Willy appear to be laughing at Gertie?


Gertie was pretty messy when Crabby cut her away from the tree she and Pablo were tied to.  She had a bath that very same night, and I’ve been brushing her sporadically since.   Hey, there are 14 (fourteen) dogs here right now, can you blame me for not brushing ‘regularly’?

Despite our efforts, we never could get all the mats out.  Shaving her, even using  a #9 blade, I couldn’t cut through some areas.  Since the blade was getting hot, and I was working so close to the skin, I stopped.  Another bath will help loosen up what’s left, and another cut will make her look a little more presentable.

Worry not you desert dwellers who know the dangers of shaving a dog.  Gertie is never, even when we do our evening walks, outside long enough for the heat to get to her.   If anything, the close shave might require a blanket for her when she’s inside.


28 thoughts on “Do I Have a Future in Dog Grooming?

  1. Gertie has an incredibly pretty face, and Willy is definitely having a laugh! They are both adorable 🙂 I am so glad you guys found her and Pablo. Gertie is my Grandma’s name, btw, so I love her extra much for rocking such a sweet name!

    1. She just looks like a Gertie. The person who called on the sign, and has remained elusive ever since, said her name was Cheyene. She doesn’t even react to it, but Gertie, she is all over that name!

  2. Great job because a cooler doggie is the end result….is Crabby due for a ‘do’ if so I suggest he make himself scarce haahhaha 🙂 hugs Fozziemum x

    1. crabby occasionally asks for a neck buzz, although timing is a key issue. You never want to get a buzz after a hectic day….wait….that just didn’t sound right. You never want your wife holding shears near your throat after a bad day, there we go….that better.

      1. Sorry Crabby, Gertie is dulling the blade on the clippers. Going to have to go back to a straight razor for you. Don’t worry, you will be in good hands!

  3. Can you come and do our Jilly? She has a very thick coat. Not suitable at all for the hot dry Andalucian summers!

    1. We think we’ve had contact with the person who tied them to the tree, but now we’re not sure he was the long time guardian of the dogs. I had to enlist the assistance of someone more knowledgeable in these situations, and the emerging belief is that the individual who called may have simply seen the sign and called without prior contact with the dogs! The full story is for a different post, if we can ever get a conclusion.

  4. As I scrolled through I had to look twice at Gertie, I thought ‘oh what an unusual coat colour!’ haha 🙂

    My mum has a Shih Tzu, and is thinking of starting to groom him herself. He basically has a shaved body and trimmed head, but she’s really nervous. How easy is it? She’s worried about cutting him you see.

    1. As long as your Mum goes careful and slow, she should be OK. The armpits, ears and flanks (thin skinned areas) are the places cuts can happen most. I cut a skin tag on Gertie last night when I was doing the first ‘clean up’ cut. Never even saw it.

      That which bothers people the most when they do their own shaving – the finished product. If not for the fact Gertie has to be at least somewhat presentable for a chance at adoption, I might not even bother with trying to finish the cut. How they look isn’t as important to us as most people. It’s how they feel and act. I’ve had some pretty crazy haircuts in the past 🙂

      Also, professional

      1. The armpits do look tricky. I’ve had a watch of some YouTube videos too 🙂 Basically her usual groomer is fully booked at the moment, but he has a skin irritation on his back, which seems to annoy him much more when his fur is long and the weathers warm etc. So it’s mainly to keep him comfortable 🙂

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