Tooo Hot To Go Out!

Summer is officially here in the desert, meaning “outside” is a curse word to the kids.

That Mom has to work long days out in the weather, every day,  so what!  That the kids might be exposed to a temperature greater than 82 degrees, even if it’s ever so briefly, Oh the Horror!

Emmi was incredibly busy in the act of sleeping on the couch when I told her she had to go outside for a pee break.  Breaks are important when one partakes in such meaningful enterprises, after all.

Her reaction, show her belly in a submissive fashion while giving me “the eyes”.   She really doesn’t like going outside during daylight hours anymore.


I don't gotta pee Ma!
I can hold it til October, Ma!

26 thoughts on “Tooo Hot To Go Out!

  1. I’ve gotta say, I totally appreciate where Emmi’s coming from. The heat is rolling in here in Colorado and I’ve had a few days where I dodged daylight hours, too.

      1. Yeah, we’ve been lucky to be getting some showers lately – a big improvement over last summer when it was heaps of dry heat and forest fires.

    1. Emmi is more Pity Me than Crabby.

      Incidentally, what did you think of that nuclear blast lightning bolt followed by that 5 minute roll of loud thunder last night? We thought your mountain was falling down on us!

      1. My mountain? I wish. Kali would have a field day there.
        That thunder was OK but my favorite is no rain, no noise but you look to the North and there’s so much lightening that it looks almost like daytime.

  2. I am totally on the couch with you Emmi..I hated summer and the 45c temps had all of us hiding out…and we have had rain..finally some decent rain…it’s nice to MAKE a fire not be in fear from one for a change..stay cool guys! hugs Fozziemum xx

      1. I can be happy with constant 103 degree days, and rainy nights that drop into the mid 80’s. Not too much to ask!

  3. Ah yes, Where’s the Rain. Actually, it’s right here. We borrowed for a while so we can say Winter here is cold, wet and miserable instead of just cold and miserable. Never fear, it will warm up here soon enough.

    1. While ours will play in water holes, mud puddles and play pools, rain is acid from the sky and threatens to rip their skin from their bones! I don’t get it.

  4. And I don’t blame her one bit for waiting until October. 😀 Here in Denver even though temps aren’t quite as hot, our daily 90’s are still too hot to be left outside let alone go running/walking with your dog in the middle of the day (yes, sadly idiots live everywhere, not just in the desert). I’ve seen pups’ pads that are semi blistered. Breaks your heart.

  5. Both boys have all their toys scattered inside the house to play with now and have to be forced to go out. They won’t even come out to keep me company to feed or take care of the horses. And the thunder scared Lucky silly. When the clouds roll in he hides his head under the nearest blanket.

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