Saturday Movie Night Cute Pictures, and Status

Gertie’s real name is Cheyenne.  I can’t remember what Pablo’s name is.   Yes, I got a call yesterday in response to a sign posted at the tree the kids were tied to.

Before anyone judges, consider this:  Gertie (what she is called here) is 10.  Though she was in bad shape when Crabby cut her and Pablo away from the tree, it is pretty clear she has lead a loved life up to that point.  Sometimes life throws curve balls at people, and all they need is a boost to get back on track.


Gertie feels much better now.
Gertie feels much better now.


The call came yesterday morning.  He wanted Gertie and Pablo back.  He then texted me twice.  Problem is, I can’t get texts.  When someone tries to text me, all I get is a phone number in my in-box.  I don’t know what those texts said.  I tried calling back several times but got either rapid busy signals or endless ringing ,without reaching voice mail.

We haven’t heard from him since.   I tried to call him again today.  It rang without going to voice mail.   With the exception of an accidental hour this evening, my phone has been with me or Crabby, constantly.  No missed calls were recorded during that accidental hour.

Without knowing what the contents of the texts were, not being able to make contact ourselves, and of course, not receiving another call from him, well, we don’t know what’s going on.   We won’t know anything unless or until he makes contact again.

Now to the cute part:

Pablo was the ex-wife’s dog.  A “lady’s dog” he said.  Not so good with men.  I have evidence to the contrary.

This is how Pablo chose to spend his time while we were watching a movie tonight.


Pablo is quite smitten with Crabby, despite his crabbiness.
Pablo is quite smitten with Crabby, despite his crabbiness.


Nope, I'm not seeing a problem with men.
Pablo wouldn’t even consider the possibility  of  cuddling up to me.


The very first night Pablo stayed with us, when he was so scared and snarky, at bedtime, he launched himself up on Crabby's side of the people bed and never moved.  He's been that way ever since.
The very first night Pablo stayed with us, when he was so scared and snarky, at bedtime, he launched himself up on Crabby’s side of the people bed and never moved. He’s been that way ever since.  Apparently he likes at least one man after all.


The first couple days, Pablo would get upset if Gertie left his sight. Now, he says, “Who’s Gertie?”


12 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Night Cute Pictures, and Status

  1. Yes, very nice but — what does Morty have to say about this?? Still, it is only a temporary arrangement = right??? Certainly different from the first photographs.

    1. Morty hasn’t said a word. Marcy on the other hand, she has a lot to say.

      Big hearts and great intentions don’t necessarily make the best permanent homes, especially when there are already 48 paws on the floor. It has to be temporary.

  2. Nobody can text Him. He had the phone company turn it off for his account. He never texted and didn’t want any incoming. Unfortunately, He got incoming-junk texts-each one He had to pay for so He cut it off.

    I don’t know the circumstances of your acquisition of Gertie and Pablo but if it’s a good home you might consider a return with visiting rights. Then there’s room for a couple of dogs who NEED the help. Your place would feel empty with less than a dozen, right?

    1. See

      A rescue will be determining returnability at this point. We received 3 more text attempts within a minute of each other this morning around 11, then nothing since. Of course, we can’t see or answer them.

      If they were my dogs, I would be on the phone constantly trying to get them back. This guy didn’t even try yesterday, and instead of calling like he did the first time Friday morning, he texts – even though he hasn’t gotten a response from me to his Friday texts. The strange aversion to voice communication is odd.

      The rescue tried to text back to the number, but it couldn’t get through as there is an error saying it’s a land line. When we reverse look up the number, it does, indeed come back as a land line, and apparently there are gadgets that can send and receive texts from land lines.

      They will continue to try to reach him. If he does actually CALL me back, I’m to refer him to the rescue. It’s not that he can’t have his dogs back, it’s that he will have to submit to a home check, and the property owner of where he’s staying will have to confirm he can have dogs. He won’t have any fees to pay, just have to prove the kids will be safe. As the ‘foster home’, we are legally bound by any decision the rescue makes.

      Whether he gets them back or not, we CAN NOT have 14 dogs, so we are only temporary until permanent arragments one way or the other are reached.

    1. Crabby got a custom one made of the whole family for my birthday, so what you see on this page is no more. We just have to get the new picture up. Not possible to put more stickers on, so we have to limit the number of dogs in the house based on the decal on the Waggin’ Wagon!

      NO they are not staying permanently! Though it will be with great emotional upheaval to remove Pablo from Crabby’s presence. The little man just adores Crabby.

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