Why Not?

I shut down my personal Facebook page last month.  Too much weird stuff going on.  The existing page was frozen in time, but still appeared in order that the Run A Muck Ranch page could remain.  No one could tag, post, private message, nothing.  It was just an empty shell.  Until last weekend that is.  Something happened, I had to share a link  for a cause, and I guess people thought I came back from the dead.  The result:  When I got home from work today, I was tagged 4 times.  Twice for cats, twice for dogs.

As I was going through, removing tags and getting ready to shut down my personal page again, I with great stupidity, clicked on one of the tag notifications.  My bad.

Apparently 2 dogs were left abandoned, tied to a tree, at a McDonalds, in today’s 107 degree heat.  It would have been easy to close the screen and forget.  But we are Run A Muck Ranch.

Gertie does not appear long for this world.  She is very old.  Her hips are very bad, her teeth worse.  Who’s going to want her?

I blame her for all of this!  Then again, in her condition, she couldn’t very well have walked to Run A Muck Ranch, now could she?  Finding a round about way for Crabby to give her a ride was a pretty clever idea on her part.  She must be one of Marcy’s kin.

Never a dull moment at Run A Muck Ranch.

33 thoughts on “Why Not?

  1. Well done Crabby! I wish some people would just spend their lives the way they treat their dogs..makes me bloody furious..poor Gertie looks like she just wants to sleep her troubles away..i have two older dogs and these years are the most precious as far as I am concerned..making sure they live their winter years in comfort and love…I am off out now but just know I send these babies my love and I send a huge hug to poor slobber covered upside down hungry Crabby …honestly mind boggling ..Fozziemum xx

    1. We’re thinking the kids belonged to a homeless person or persons. Not all strays are homeless and not all homeless are strays. Something could have happened to the person or people. Someone put a sign up for me at the tree just in case. Gertie acts like she’s lead a loved life. Someone, homeless or not, may be worried about her.

      1. Oh damn…I juts assumed they were dumped by a heartless mongrel..homelessness does have ripples through the whole community..i hope these sweet ones are cool and relaxed in your little sanctuary 🙂 hugs Fozziemum x

      2. The heartless mongrels are the rescue that the little guy’s chip was registered to telling me to take him to the pound!

        How do you say “We’re screwed!” in Australian?

      3. For those who just happen to be glancing through the comments – Fozziemum is not insulting us. She’s giving us the Australian translation of the American phrase “We’re Screwed”.

        When I first read it, I thought, what did I do to make her mad? Just goes to show, we should all learn other languages! 🙂

  2. Thank you for saving these dogs. My heart just aches when I hear about abused or neglected animals, especially elderly dogs. It aches just a bit less knowing there are good souls like you out there. xo

    1. We don’t know for sure what the circumstances that brought them to that tree are.

      And lest we forget… they were at a McDonalds, on a very busy street. 1,000’s of eyes saw them, and yet no one did anything, except for 1 person, working nearby who gave them water, kept an eye on them and acted as a go to person to call Crabby off if someone else picked them up.

    1. Hopefully this good dead won’t be punished! The little guy has a chip registered to a rescue. Hopefully they will step up and take him back. We can’t have 14 dogs! Gertie is going to be tough given her condition. We still have hope, but not as much as the Little One’s registered chip gives us!

    1. I’ve heard stories of other dogs in similar situations, but they haven’t been in our time zone. These 2 happened to be close, in the scheme of things. Not our usual MO – usually they turn up in the driveway, are plucked off the side of a desert road or scraped out of a parking lot. At least these 2 were easy to catch!

      1. Anyway to do an online fundraiser to help you with all the incredible work you guys do? I’m just in awe. Sometimes just asking opens people’s wallets. That or apply to become an official rescue group so you can get assistance. Both you and Crabby are fur-angels. As for whomever tied those poor dogs to a tree in 107 degrees, irrespective of their personal situation, I simply cannot make allowances for that kind of throw-away mentality. Ignorance isn’t bliss when living creatures suffer. I’m with Fozziemum…heartless mongrels and then some.

      2. The tricky part is, due to Pablo’s biting, will we be able to rehome him? If not, it’s the same as stealing if we take other people’s money for his vet bills.

  3. thanks all for the kind words folks……but lets not get too critical, we have no idea of why those kids were there. At the end of the day all is well….kids are safe, fed, and cool….we did something nice to hopefully give us bonus points when were old and feeble.

    oh…..and USA has made it to the knockout round in the World Cup!!

  4. You guys,are great bless you for helping these sweet babies. Am a big supporter of Puppy Rescue Mission and you were angels to take in William. Love your blog if there is something I can do to help all the way from San Diego let me know.

    1. If you have a very long pooper scooper, I have one suggestion!

      I will be sure to tell Sweet William he was mentioned! He’ll be happy to have a fan!

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