Sunday Cute Picture: Is Pa Going to be OK?

Marcy has only been in captivity for one NFL season.  During that season, The Steelers came out of the shoot,  and remained, uncompetitive.  Thus, ‘watching football” equated to long naps on the couch, from September until the final buzzer of the Super Bowl.

Unbeknownst to anyone, canine, equine or human, including Crabby himself, apparently, he’s a card-carrying World Cup Fan.

The hoots and hollers of USA v. Ghana have given way to cursing, threats, gestures and sobs as of half time, during the current USA v. Portugal match.

As you can see from Marcy’s expression, she’s not sure how to handle the emotional roller coaster going on in the next room.


Pa's acting funny.
Ma!  Pa’s acting funny!  Make him STOP!




15 thoughts on “Sunday Cute Picture: Is Pa Going to be OK?

    1. When I was out feeding the horses, USA scored. I was told to remove my person from the residence until the game was over. Fortunately, there was enough time to finish feeding the dogs, and during that time they scored again. I am no longer banned to the back yard until the game is over!

  1. Bwahaahahah every footy season I have to talk the dogs down..”it’s ok dad’s just losing his tiny mind screaming at the tv…” after 12 years they still don’t get it….me either bwshhhh:)

  2. In all fairness to Pa..and Marcy.. in my house, hockey season is noisy..because of me. I am the yeller, I am the curser, I am the Talk-to-the-tv-er, I am the one who yells SCORE!!!!! at the top of my voice when my team scores…even if it’s waaaayyyyy after Drakey Boy’s bed time. I would think we have had him for 7 years, and for 7 hockey seasons, this ALWAYS happens…but still I get the “Grammie, will you PULEASE be quiet!!!!! How’s a dog supposed to sleep around here????” to which I STILL reply “Drakey Boy, I love you with all my heart and soul…but suck it up, buttercup!!!~ It’s hockey season!!!” Can anyone else relate? 🙂

    1. Kathy,
      I’m right there with you! Turns, deeks, shoots…S-C-O-R-E-S!!!!! I live, breathe and die hockey (current calendar at my house refers to the day following the end of The Stanley Cup until first the pre-season game as ‘death season’ aka baseball). Poor Sam does not take yelling, cursing, huffing, stomping, etc. very well at all. I must either medicate or try to remember his fragile little psyche. LOL Buttercup indeed! Thanks for making me realize there are others like me. 🙂

      1. Hockey, Smockey! I used to be a season ticket holder, very loud shrieker for the Adirondack Red Wings. I was out of it for a while after moving to AZ. The first game I went to – Coyotes vs. someone, there was no wafting of testosterone, no blood on the ice! Turns out, my beloved… my only sport… has gone over to the pretty boys with perfect noses and teeth. Oh the horror!

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