I Saved a Life Today

For reasons I still can’t figure out, I got done early from work today.

When I got home, I decided to water my garden.  It’s a small garden, consisting of a mix of dead, live and mutilated herbs, geraniums, roses and jasmines.  In the winter, it’s beautiful.  In the summer it’s a buffet table for anything with over sized incisors.

I don’t remember the last time I watered, and things were pretty dry, so I had the hose on full-bore, filling each pot to capacity, then doing it again, several times.

It was when I was watering the Angel Wing Jasmine that, from the recesses of what I thought was a crack caused by soil dryness, a Kangaroo Rat floated to the surface.  He was in what appeared to be convulsions, then he was still.  So very still.


Not the actual critter, but one of his kindred.
Not the actual critter, but one of his kindred.


I realized, to my horror, that I had drowned an innocent Kangaroo Rat.  But death was only seconds ago!  There was still time to bring him back!

I’m not sure exactly why I decided inside the house was the best place to perform heroic measures, but inside I went, passing The Hoard, most notably, Mortimer, who looked at me with imploring eyes, as if to say, “Hey Ma, can I have that?”.


I'm here to help Mom!
I’m here to help Mom!


I held the little patient upside down over a towel on the counter, and stroked his sides to help drain any ingested water.  I then laid him on his side, performing a much smaller and gentler CPR than would be used on dogs.  There was no response.  I felt no pulse.

Now, Reader, keep in mind, this little Kangaroo Rat wasn’t hurting anyone.  He was simply hanging out at home when I came by and drowned him.    I  was responsible for the death of another being.  I felt horrible.  The tears were welling in my eyes.  Morty was jumping up and down on the back door reminding me that he would be more than happy to take care of disposal of the tiny body.  I was a mess.  And I went to a very dark place.

Yes, I performed mouth to mouse resuscitation, on a Kangaroo Rat.


Mock me all you want folks, but after about 10 seconds, there was movement in my hands.  Upon feeling the movement, I gently laid the little patient on the towel I set on the counter.  That was also the point I realized bringing the Kangaroo Rat inside the house was probably not the best of ideas.

Turns out, Kangaroo Rats brought back from the dead recover pretty fast.  The little bugger made it to the sink, over the counter, and using the freezer as a spring-board, was behind the love seat in an instant.

A loose Kangaroo Rat in the house, to The Hoard, would make me the Best Mom Everrrr!  To Crabby, well, I’m not so sure he would even come in the house if he knew a rodent was about.

About a half hour later, Kangaroo Rat caught, I returned him to his hole in my Angel Wing jasmine pot, with the suggestion that he move into the Geranium tub.  The Geraniums had been decimated by the rabbits long ago, and their tub was a safer location for any Kangaroo Rat seeking shelter since there’s no point in watering dead plants.

I saved a life today.  That I was the one that snuffed that life… well…  all’s well that ends well!

Be safe Run A Muck Ranch Kangaroo Rat!  Live Long and Prosper!



28 thoughts on “I Saved a Life Today

  1. hahahahaha………..

    I’m building some detached guest quarters.

    1. This act of kindness has now inoculated me against any rodent transmitted disease! I am immune from plague!

    1. Any time a dog or cat wants to bring me an injured critter in need of help, they are welcome to bring it inside the house. It’s when they intend to, or have already done harm, that I have a problem with it!

    1. Hey! That was a serious event I relayed! It was certainly not funny as I was shouting “Breathe damn you!” while administering CPR and mouth to mouse. 🙂

  2. And it was great what you did ( you are much better than the whole Baywatch Team including that David-dude). You saved a life and that’s what counts. Thanks in the name of all small critters :o)

  3. Thanks so much for providing an out loud laugh this morning. Must not read your blog however when drinking coffee. Still wiping up drips from my computer screen! You, your ‘crab-ster’ and the whole hee-haw gang just make me smile. Good star for the lot of you today! Have a terrific weekend and don’t forget to water the plants in between saving little critters. 🙂

    1. Already set up caution tape around the little guy’s hole. Yup, he made it larger so I won’t make the same mistake again!

    1. Little bastard has invited some friends to come live in the Jasmine! When I watered yesterday there were 3 holes! I did water carefully and slowly, however…

  4. Ahh, that explains the kanga rat that I saw darting across the road to your place on my way home Friday afternoon LOL he/she must of heard the commotion and was checking on a family member.

    1. Little guy and his kin seemed to have moved out of the Jasmine pot. I see not a hide nor a hair. Here’s hoping a raptor or slither didn’t get him!

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