Father’s Day at Run A Muck Ranch: He’s NOT Naked, I Swear!

Before I go into the main topic of this blog entry, a little background for the newbies:

I have a very hard time convincing Crabby to keep his pants on.  I even wrote about it once.  Click the link to see more:


That entry was written as a standing apology to all readers for the fact that 99% of all at-home photos of Crabby would consist of him in his underwear.   Seriously, if you haven’t read it, please do so, if not for your sake, then mine!


One of the reasons Crabby is so, well, Crabby, has to do with pain issues.  Being a guy, getting the problem taken care of is not a consideration.  It is much more prudent to sit in pain.  Sigh…

Someone suggested he try an inversion table as a possible avenue of relief.  With Father’s Day around the corner, The Hoard got together and decided they wanted to get one of these magical devices for their Pa, and direction to procure one was given to me. So I did.

Of course photos were taken to share with y’all!  But, I’m not proud!  Keep in mind, Crabby was at home.

Translation: He is underwear clad, and today, he didn’t even bother with a t-shirt…

Here is the result:


My attempt at forced modesty backfired.  I think it would have been less creepy had I just left Crabby's underwear showing!
My attempt at forced modesty backfired. I think it would have been less creepy had I just left Crabby’s underwear showing!


Returning to the upright position, and removing the towel.
Just to prove he DID have his underwear on under the towel!


Why an inversion table might not be such a good idea in a home with 12 dogs:


It appears Crabby will not be able to use the table when The Beasts are present.
It appears Crabby will not be able to use the table when The Beasts are present, lest he be suffocated.


Happy Father’s Day to the bestest Dog Dad there is, and to all Dads everywhere, whether they keep their pants on or not!



25 thoughts on “Father’s Day at Run A Muck Ranch: He’s NOT Naked, I Swear!

  1. No human can walk across the floor barefoot here without Kaci nibbling at the toes as They walk. We’ll lend you Kaci for a week and that ought to cure the crabman.

    1. Kaci can only help if she would walk across Crabby’s back. That’s where he needs the cure. Even if she would offer her services, not thinking she weighs enough to do deep muscle massage.

      Her offer is appreciated though!

      1. No, but she bites body parts like fingers and toes. The crabmeister would NOT want to go only in underwear, if you know what I mean.

    1. I’m not allowed to go near it. Without a doubt, I would end up a product mortality case on the evening news.

    1. Hopefully it helps my Crabby too!

      I’ve asked Crabby to guest blog in defense of existing sans pants, but he won’t do it. Would your crabby man like to step up for the cause?

    1. He says it’s loosened him up a little. Perhaps your mom should get one. It looks a lot more expensive than it actually was.

  2. When this came in my Inbox I saw the first photo before I read the text, and I thought you’d given up the day job and got yourself into porn ROFL! I’ve never been so relieved to see a man in his boxers 😉

    1. As luck would have it, he hasn’t had any ‘bad’ days so far. That being said, he did say it made him feel looser.

      I tried telling him we were getting another dog last night to get the tension back in his spine, but it didn’t work.

      1. yes…it does work. Although….since using it (couple of minutes…couple times a day) I’ve left my credit card at a resturaunt, and my phone at the grocery store. So the back is better, but now I forget everything.

  3. Looks like the kids were just offering him there version of encouragement. LOL. It does look interesting though. I looks like it would alleviate lower back pain and stretch you. mmm…I wonder if it will make him taller

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