Boys’ Weekend Away

Crabby and some friends took Morty and Slugger camping last weekend.

From the looks of it, great fun was had by all.



22 thoughts on “Boys’ Weekend Away

      1. Crabby gets a threat that if one hair on one of my kids is hurt in any way, there will be heck to pay!

  1. Day 1….chasing Elk, eating flowers, romping through the pine trees
    Day 2….trying to hike out of a near vertical 800 foot canyon. Slugger would prefer not to do another day 2 in the future.
    Twiglet and easy….you find a way out and we’ll take you with us

    1. Chasing Elk?!?!?! NEVER AGAIN will my boys got camping without their mom! Someone has to teach them respect for nature!

  2. Those boys both looked pooped out, but I bet that they had loads of fun. Morty loves to run and Slugger loves to follow Morty. Fun was probably had by all. As for Crabby and the boys (I am sure what happens in the woods, stays in the woods-LOL)

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