Well, Crap!

We are approaching June 7, which would tie the longest duration between seizures.

Things are looking up, right?





When I got home from work today, Vito was in obvious post ictal.  Well, that and the tell-tale wetness on one side where he peed on himself.

He’s calm now, but if all goes according to history, we have at least one more seizure to go through within the next 24 hours.   I’ve got the post seizure food and the wet wipes ready, on the coffee table, next to the couch where Vito and I will be spending the night.

As luck would have it, Vito tested normal for fasted bile acids, the first time since we started tracking.  Bummer is, his cholesterol and albumin came back low.  A single test, considering he’s tested normal for those values previously, not so worried.

Vito goes in for a fed BA test on the 11th.  (Summer work schedule precludes doing both fasted and fed on the same day.)  If the BA’s come back within normal range, or at least significantly lowered from the previous tests, yeah!  If the cholesterol and albumin come back low again – bummer.  If that be the case, I think it’s time for a liver biopsy.




The hoops these varmints make us jump through!




20 thoughts on “Well, Crap!

  1. Poor Vito. I’m seriously thinking good thoughts for him. I have to take the Man to the Vet this afternoon. I noticed a few changes in his behaviour since I came back from Adelaide and together with the limited control of his hind legs, we believe he is loosing his sight.The vet will determine what to do this afternoon.

    1. Nothing but good thoughts for you and your Man. If you’re dealing with arthritic changes, ask your vet about Adequan. That is what got our Maude up again when she was completely down last year. It bought us several more months with her, and ultimately, it wasn’t her pain that took her, it was something else.

    1. Yup, who else will stay up all night waiting for the ‘second one’ so he doesn’t have to go through it alone!

      Thank I fell asleep for the ‘second one’, only to be scolded when it was over, and then missed the ‘third one’ by minutes because I was at work – I’m a lousy mom!

  2. We’re a bunch of trouble sometimes. Thank you for your kind offer to get something to replace this infernal cone, but we’re gonna get there early to get it done quickly. We were thinking of the 21st Century Inflateable Protective Pet Collar (item 36-5176459) at PetSmart. Email me if you have a better idea.

    1. Another liver ultrasound tomorrow. If the liver is fine, we’re looking at a brain tumor. Not sure what I prefer!

  3. Not to mention expense. My baby, Gideon, developed a protein deficiency disease last August and over Easter he lost control of his back legs. He couldn’t walk and something was obviously wrong. But where we live there aren’t any emergency vets, so we had to wait until Monday. It was a long two days watching him suffer. On Monday morning we took him to the vet and his blood sugar was at 630! He’s diabetic, just like his father– same age too. So now, with the other five medications he already took for his auto-immune disease he has to be injected with insulin twice a day. He’s doing great now, but putting us in the poor house! However, having him with us makes up for all the sacrifices we make so he can have his meds. What are you going to do? They’re family!

    1. Back from the ultrasound. What we know: Vito’s liver appears fine. At least if there was a defined liver problem we would know what we’re dealing with!!!!

      In honor of the declaration of an apparent healthy liver, Vito was taken to McDonalds for the first junk food he’s had since January: An entire hamburger, a chicken nugget and 3 french fries. It was the happiest time of his life!

  4. It´s so terrible when our friends get sick, I hope the vet finds what the problem is.
    I had to laugh at the McDonalds comment, I bet he was happy! 🙂 My dog would be.

    1. Considering Vito hasn’t had a crumb of fun food in forever, I think we can assume he was VERY happy!

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