How Dog Food Should Be Served

The Run A Muck Ranch dogs have it way too good.

Some came from holes in the ground, a few from the streets, one from a war zone, a couple from the desert.

They should be happy just to have a roof over their heads, shouldn’t they?

But no, they kick us off the couch.  They kick Crabby off the people bed. If we’re home, we have no other priority than to amuse them.  They won’t let me sleep until daylight, even when I get a day off.  They’ve even decided commercial dog food is below them, so I spend hours and hours preparing their food from scratch just so.

I have no idea how the kids have learned to expect only the best, but I have a hunch….

Take a look at Vito’s dinner as served this evening.  Do you think I might have something to do with the kids’ sense of self entitlement?



Thank goodness Crabby has no expectations and is happy with TV dinners!





20 thoughts on “How Dog Food Should Be Served

    1. Any time Kyla! All your slaves need to do is give me your dietary parameters and I’ll make you something yummy! Since Vito’s liver treatment diets weren’t working, he started on a pancreatitis mix.

    1. It’s the smell they love the most! Commercial foods are made to appeal to the humans who serve them. Not nearly as yummy as foods made for the sake of the dog’s senses!

    1. If you knew what was in it, you wouldn’t want to eat it. That being said, everything was whole food and healthy, if only people would eat it!

  1. Heck, I’ll act like a dog if you offered me food like that, lol. I have a Chihuahua who would look at that and say, ‘serve it to me in your hand human’. Oh yes! All food must come out of mommy’s hand, I’m not sure when she trained me into this kind of submission, but she did. Oh well, she loves me unconditionally, so I feed her from my hand.

  2. Looks more like a food for me than for a dog! LOL. Loving the garnish so much, if only I didn’t know it was intended for the dogs, I’d ask what’s in it! – Johnson

    1. Let me put it this way: Dogs live in closer acceptance of the food chain than people do. It’s not that the food would be bad for people, it’s that if people knew what was in it, they wouldn’t eat it. That our great-great and before grandparents didn’t have such food aversions, and that they had less health problems than we do today…. well, I’ll leave it at that!

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