We Need Your Thoughts and Prayers….

It is with a heavy heart that I have to report the Cuisinart is in a bad way.

This is the very same Cuisinart that brought you Run A Munchies Home Made Dog Treats.

The same Cuisinart that has been with me every step of the way as I converted the kids from commercial dog food to home made, and began my obsession with canine nutrition.

I had just loaded him and he was ready to grind, when suddenly and without warning, a spark, a smell, and then nothing.  He wouldn’t’ start again.


The food processor EXPLODED at one point.
My Beloved Cuisinart, after an argument we had over putting too many ingredients in at one time.  I think it safe to assume, the little guy won.



Please light a candle for us that after a good night’s rest, my beloved Cuisinart will re-start in the morning.   I have approximately 40 pounds of prepped meats and organs and no way to finish them.


14 thoughts on “We Need Your Thoughts and Prayers….

  1. Umm, maybe you should be powering it with home made electricity. That Arizona Public Service electricity isn’t the best and may contain GMO electrons.

    1. Good point Kyla! We just had our meter changed out for one of those new fangled remote ones. Tainted electrons could be the result!

    1. Trust me when I tell you, I’ve spent more time in the kitchen over the dogs than mom ever did for all of us. I don’t mean to imply she never cooked – it’s just that when I cook, it takes the better part of every day just to keep the beasties nourished, and they won’t even help with the dishes!

  2. I bet you had at least 12 more than willing(eager) helpers that would have taken on the task of getting rid of prepped food and organ meet if your trusty Cuisinart did not recover. But if for some reason it should stop again you could borrow my Vitamix machine

    1. Chuckle… we aren’t talking ingredients that are easy to break down. I guarantee your vitamix would commit suicide only a fraction into a mixing session!

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