The Answer to the Quiz, and an Update on the Cuisinart

First off, since I know many, many people lost sleep last night after I reported the tragic news,  I am happy to report that my beloved Cuisinart fired right up this morning.

I’m trying to get a month’s worth of food frozen for the kids so I can focus on marketing food for sale.  As a result, I had the little guy going non-stop for over 2 hours yesterday.  Apparently that’s a bit much.

But for now, all is swell!

Now to the quiz:

In A Test of your Knowledge of the Run A Muck Ranch Kids, I asked if you could identify the critter by his or her x-rays, taken last weekend after a side impact injury.

There was only 1 correct answer, and that was from Kali, of the House of Kyla.

Sorry Kali, your fears were true and it was indeed, DASH! who got dinged last weekend.  He’s off pain killers and is feeling much better now.

That being said, we’ve taken precautions to ensure no other side impact injuries befall our little guy.  Hopefully our efforts work to keep him safe!




10 thoughts on “The Answer to the Quiz, and an Update on the Cuisinart

  1. LOL . We have all seen Dash in action in one video or another….I don’t think the bubble wrap is going to work.

  2. Oh poor Dash! , but great to read he feels a little better. That’s a very good way to protect him. I think my bipeds should wear such a bubble-armor too :o) Have a good Memorial Monday.

  3. I am in Adelaide and using a different computer so I don’t know what my previous comments were. I am, however, so glad that it was not Vito and even gladder that it was not Garcie. I hope DASH gets better soon. Glad to hear about the mixer. Faith – it didn’t let you down :o) – Just needed a rest.

    1. Considering I somehow slammed the door on my own bare toe – as I was walking out the door – perhaps I should think of doing the same for me! I still can’t re-create the incident!!!

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