A Test of Your Knowledge of The Run A Muck Ranch Kids

Let’s see if anyone knows the Run A Muck Ranch dogs inside and out – literally!

Whose innards are these?  I’ll give you 12 guesses!


right exray copybelly copy


‘Twas an injury during Sunday walk this past weekend.  I’m not really sure what happened as I was on the weekly hunting and gathering expedition at the grocery store when it occurred.  The kids were out with their dad.    When they got home, however, one of the kids really wanted comfort, and told me a potential medical emergency was afoot.

Though while at the ER I was told, twice, there was a fracture of the first rib on the right side, the narrative report I received said, coincidentally, twice, that no fractures were detected.    There are some air pockets on the right side that indicate some kind of collision, however.

Aside from trying to get a handle on Vito’s elevated bile acids, we’ve actually had a pretty good run without one of the nitwits needing veterinary care!  Actually, I think this is the longest we have gone in years!  For those wondering why so many vet visits…  keep in mind, we are 12 times more likely to have an attack of Murphy’s Law than the average, single dog household!

The patient is being weaned off Tramadol and is moving freely now.  We just have to be sure not to touch the sore spot for a while!


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