Helping Mom with the Domestic Chores at Run A Muck Ranch

I got off early from work today.

So, what does that mean?

Laundry and housecleaning!  Yeah me!

I had just removed the comforter from the bed, put it in the washing machine, grabbed the finished load in the dryer and went into the bedroom to put the laundry away.

This is what I found when I returned to the bedroom.




No worries reader!  I was very careful to be quiet as I carried out my domestic chores.  Wouldn’t want to disturb the kids from their naps now, would we?



21 thoughts on “Helping Mom with the Domestic Chores at Run A Muck Ranch

    1. Sad part is, I’ve been overly tired lately and have a bear of a weekend coming up. A nap on my part was on the schedule since I was going to be home early.

      Alas, Slugger the Stupid decided he absolutely must be on the bed with me. Translation: No possible way for me to nap with Slugger the Stupid flopping all over me.

      But hey, at least Slugger got his nap!

      1. Always the damn way…why you would assume you could have access to your own bed is beyond me hahahahah 🙂 I have been tired lately too and sadly the girls being feline are attracted to my sweaty self and it’s driving me insane…talk about overheat…..

      2. Got you beat: Yesterday when I got out of the shower, I found Angus and Marcy rolling on my freshly shed work clothes. I am now a smelly thing to roll on!

      3. Bwahaahahahaahh…awesome….my boots get that from the kids…and I am licked all the time no thanks to the thermo nuclear hormones…..jerks…lucky we love them 🙂

  1. Crazy Lady, you don’t understand. If we canines didn’t love you, we wouldn’t love your scent. It’s on your bed and on your clothes. Kali says she’d do the same thing to you.

  2. Seems to be that this is good, I mean they would probably get in your way, so to make sure you have a clear run at things ( quietly, of course) they will just have a nap and let you get on with what you have to do . How thoughtful !!!

    1. I guess that’s one way to look at it, though I would have preferred they helped me with the chores!

    1. With the temperatures rising, they are all going into hibernation as it is. We expect them to wake up again sometime in the fall.

  3. Must have been that kind of weekend. Both boys hogged the bed Saturday. I had to lift heads up and then butt ends up to get comforter and sheets off the bed to wash this weekend. LOL they were still in the exact same position 2 hours later when the sheets were ready to go back on the bed. I repeated the same process in reverse to remake the bed.

    1. I’ve often said that if aliens landed in our back yard and looked to us as their first encounters of life on earth life, they would make first communications with the dogs, believing they were the dominant species 🙂

  4. This is too adorable. Blankets and softness are never safe at our place either. The pets are kind enough to give us room on the sofa from time to time.

      1. Ha ha. With much scooching and contorting and sometimes using a dog as a pillow. Sofas with removable pillows are best.

  5. I know my kitty looks at me in disgust when I wash ‘her’ fleece blanket, I’ve learned not to wash all the blankets at once. The rest of the time she’s a 10 pound furry weight determined to be in our way.

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