It’s Our Anniversary!

May 11 is a special day in our lives.



Though previously committed to each other, the deal was not sealed until May 11.



Every year, on May 11, I reflect on how I have to be the luckiest woman in the world to have bagged such a good man.



He may be moody, stubborn, opinionated, pig-headed and hard to deal with sometimes, but he’s mine!





Happy 2 Year Anniversary Willy!



I guess as long as I’m talking about Anniversaries, I should give a bit of a shout out to Crabby too.


18 years ago today we got hitched.


He may be moody, stubborn, opinionated, pig-headed and hard to deal with sometimes, but he’s mine!






Love you Crabby!


25 thoughts on “It’s Our Anniversary!

    1. Thank you Kuruk! I worked some extra long days through the week to get today off. Everyone went out for Sunday Family Desert Walks, we had a big breakfast and then took a 3 hour group nap. It was a good day!

    1. We would have less critters if not for YOUR inability to let them go to other homes. Just sayin’!

      You do realize we are due for something crawling out of the desert, passing in front of your moving vehicle or just showing up in the driveway. Let us hope he is she is a little one! (Cheaper to feed!)

  1. Happy Anniversary for both – but it’s odd, Herself says the same about me – the stubborn and pig-headed bit – but me loves her just the same :o) and besides, it’s not easy being us – is it Crabby? ;o)

  2. Happy Anniversary to you all…and yes I think the troublemakers are the best ones 😉 18 still have a chance bwahahahah 🙂 hugs to you Crabby and Willy 🙂 Fozziemum xx

      1. Hahahaah well our sides gave us about 1 year..and it will be 32 years this year…three times longer than either set of parents so hahaaah to them 😉 xx

      2. We outlasted my brother’s 1st marriage as well 🙂

        I hear you’re seeing some rain these days! Yeah for you!

      3. Had a few days of steady rain..the dam doesn’t look any better for it but the garden is breathing a sigh of’s been a bit too cold to rain much..but hopefully we have some today..doesn’t look like it though..none forecast for the rest of the week..just glad that bloody heat is gone!! how are the days there? heating up quickly?

      4. Actually running slightly below normal on the temps right now, following a few 100+ days in April (way above normal). More than anything else right now…. we desperately need rain!

    1. Willy had a special breakfast that did include a bone. Crabby and me, not into the bone thing that much!

  3. We had Mother’s Day dinner at Natural Bridge today and that brought up many great memories of that special event 18 years ago. The Colonial Dining room has not changed at all since then, but the lady who served as your wedding coordinator was not there today. We have always been very pleased to greet her on such occasions and give her the latest report on what a great job she did.

    We think both you and Crabby did pretty well on the deal, and we wish you many more anniversaries in the future.

  4. Happy Anniversaries to you all. May you have many more. Love the photos. BTW I believe that photo is the time I have seen you in a dress in 11 yrs.

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