I’ve been going through pictures I haven’t even looked at yet and found this one of Willy from..  golly I don’t know when.

Note the shaved mark on his front leg.  Remember when he seemed to always have that tell-tale mark of a catheter because he never ceased to find a way to hurt himself?

Looking at this picture, it just occurred to me that Willy hasn’t had a crisis in a long time!

Couple that with the fact he’s been off his Prozac since January!

Could it be Willy is starting to be, gasp! Normal?



14 thoughts on “OMG!

      1. I think meds can be effective and in Willy’s case understandable. Everything to make our pets feel better. I had never herd of Prozac for dogs, need to look more into that 🙂
        Good luck with Willy 😊

      2. Alas, we’ve worked with some pretty ‘damaged’ dogs before and never had to medicate. In Willy’s case, he came to us to be permanent, in a home that all ready had many permanents. We couldn’t do what we did for those who came before him, and with some of his issues being with other dogs, we had to cheat.

        But to our credit, we knew going in medication doesn’t cure a problem, it is only a tool. It takes work to cure, so the work went on, with a medicinal ‘assist’.

        My lowest moment with Willy was putting him on medication. My highest was taking him off! He still has some issues, but we continue to work with him.

  1. I am so happy to hear that Willy has been behaving like a mostly-normal fella these days. It has been a long and challenging road for you guys but it sounds like you’ve made it… good job Crazy Dog Mom!!

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