One Eyed Happy Hector And Gracie Enjoying The Tall Grass



The days of Sunday Family Desert Walks are growing short for this season.  The mercury is rising and the Run A Muck Ranch dogs don’t do anything above 80 degrees.  The desperate ones might do 83 degrees, but only if  they’re desperate.    We’re not there yet, though.

Here’s Gracie and One Eyed Happy Hector enjoying the last of the tall fluffy grass, before it turns into dry foxtails.




17 thoughts on “One Eyed Happy Hector And Gracie Enjoying The Tall Grass

  1. And here comes the sun…I do hope your summer is a damn side tamer than ours was..the fact I am thrilled we have had rain all day and I am cold shows how bitter I am over the summer 😉 great pic of happy campers 🙂

    1. Hopefully you got lots of pictures and video of the rain. Please post them so I can watch them from time to time since our climates seem to mirror each other.

      In that respect: Get ready for a warm, dry winter!

    1. Hopefully you know you’re welcome to join us whenever the boys have the hankering. They go with us when you’re away and have a great time!

  2. It is getting much too hot to do anything here too… other than sprawl on the cool tile floors. I can’t wait for the rains to come and cool everything down, then of course it’s muddy paw season. Great photo of the kids enjoying the last of the green, we are all wishing you guys a happy week!

      1. By the middle or end of this month our official rainy season will begin and we will get crazy monsoon rains a few hours each day, for the rest of summer.

        Everything here seems to come in extremes :-/ Will you guys just continue to dry out all summer long?

      2. We’re supposed to get the same monsoons you get. Haven’t really gotten them since the early 2000’s. Gets scary after a while!

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