A Tirade Against the Irresponsible

I can’t stand people who aren’t responsible enough to maintain (register, check, update, etc.) microchips on their dogs!

All the Run A Muck Ranch dogs are chipped to Home Again.  In order to make sure I don’t forget to renew their subscriptions (we have the premium service for added protection), they are all on Auto Renew.  Every once in a while, the company informs me it takes money from my account.  All is swell.   I don’t even read the e-mails to see which dog they are referring to.

For some reason, this year, Sarah’s chip did not auto renew.  Instead, I received an e-mail saying she was about to expire.  With great haste, I logged on to renew her.  At that time I learned:

Morty, Marcy, Franky and Emmi’s chips are not in my account.  How could that be?  I’m a responsible person!  Then comes the realization:

Marcy was never supposed to stay.  When she was spayed, I’m pretty sure she was chipped, but the chip was registered to her rescue, not us.  We never updated.


If Marcy were lost today, and picked up by animal control, she might never be returned to us.   Not acceptable!
If Marcy were lost today, and picked up by animal control, she might never be returned to us. Not acceptable!


Franky was already neutered when he followed us out of the desert.  His circumstances were such that we knew no one was looking for him,  so we never checked him for a chip.  Honestly, I don’t remember if I chipped him at his rabies shot or not!  If he was, apparently I didn’t add him to my Home Again account.


Anyone finding Franky, then finding out he didn't have a chip, wouldn't even try to return him!
Anyone finding Franky, then finding out he didn’t have a chip, wouldn’t even try to return him!


Morty.. I could have sworn he was one who was chipped not once (at his neuter), but twice (they can migrate, and Morty is pretty active after all), but without the number(s) I can’t be sure.


That Morty, the most travelled of all the Run A Muck Ranch kids, has been going on adventures with no confirmed chip...terrifying!
That Morty, the most traveled of all the Run A Muck Ranch kids, has been going on adventures with no confirmed chip…terrifying!


Emmi was in isolation foster care when she was spayed. I would think, since I was careful enough to get Slugger chipped when he was neutered, I had the same forethought with Emmi.  But then why isn’t she listed on out account?!?!?!


Emmi, scared in a big strange world, with no way to get home.... no words.
Emmi, alone and afraid in a big strange world, with no way to get home…. no words.


Turns out, as I sit here right now, I have no idea if Marcy, Morty, Franky and Emmi have the protection of a microchip.  They may be chipped,  but is our contact information on the chips?  This whole situation is irresponsible, and there is only me, myself and I to blame.  How could I be so careless!

This week, they all go in to be scanned.  If there is no chip, they will get one immediately.  If they are chipped, I bring the numbers home and immediately register them to Home Again.

The moral of the story:  Check your micro-chips people!  Go to the nearest vet or shelter and ask that your dog be scanned.  Confirm the chip is there, and then confirm whatever contact information connected with the chip is correct.

Do it now!

When your dog gets lost – that’s not the time you want to find out you screwed up!



19 thoughts on “A Tirade Against the Irresponsible

  1. Both of my boys
    are done. Clyde actually has 2 chips, tags, and registrations as the first was reading before it was inserted but would not read on a scan, so home again recommended we chip him again. Since the vets nor the company could guarantee that the first chip would not start scanning, Clyde carries both tags and 2 registries.

  2. Before we moved here we had all the cats and dogs microchips checked…by the vet..Marbles was gone…so a replacement necessary …moving 3 hours away we needed to have them checked..it can be easily forgotten by some people..scary stuff!!

  3. we check it every time at the vet, it’s really important, I agree with you. It’s a duty here to chip your dogs and cats, but there are a lot of people who ignore it…. unbelievable…

      1. it is a regulation that all pets have to be identifiable and the vet offices offered special prices for chipping. but as always, some people just ignore it, specially for cats. they say it’s not “worth” the effort… how mean.

  4. I was chipped by Them. Kaci and Kali were from responsible rescue organizations and were chipped. All are registered correctly. Just don’t take us out of the store without paying for us!

    1. 🙂 Have Them check your chips anyway from time to time. You might be perfect, but sometimes the chips are not!

  5. Oh my dog is chipped and registered to me! Best money spent. You can’t put a price on getting back your best friend!

  6. It’s always amazing how these little things can come to pass for us dog Moms. Good thing you caught on sooner than later, and nothing bad came to pass. It’s always hard to shake that feeling of what could have been though, right?! No microchip service where I live… I am thinking of investing in the system myself and donating it to a local vet. Any thoughts?

    1. Wow! Not a great situation. I guess if everyone knew the vet had a scanner, they would be more likely to consider a chip for their dog, and perhaps the trend would spread.

      Pretty ‘entitled’ of me to believe chips are everywhere.

      What part of Mexico are you in? Maybe for “Chips Sake” you should go back to Canada!

      Incidentally, the bypassing of the middle country – totally understandable! We tried to defect to Canada years ago, but couldn’t get in.

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