Please Watch Your Dogs Closely! We Almost Lost Vito Today.

It was a brutal day.  By the time it was over, I just wanted to sit down, but there was work to do in the back yard, which had become overrun with weeds.

Hal and Charlie had been moved to their stalls, and the dogs were loose in the yard.

I didn’t realize Vito had gotten into Charlie’s stall, and was precariously close to Charlie’s back feet.   It wasn’t just that Vito was in Charlie’s stall, and close to Charlie’s back feet; he was also pinned in a corner.

I didn’t know.  I was too busy, trying to finish the yard chores so I could, selfishly, sit down.

Then I heard the blood curdling screams. Vito’s screams.


Charlie doesn't have an evil eye.  I'm pretty sure what he did to Vito was an accident.
Charlie doesn’t have an evil eye. I’m pretty sure what he did to Vito was an accident.


I threw down the hula hoe and ran to the sound of the screams.

I was near the horse stalls, so it was only a second or two after the screams started,

and I found,


in Charlie’s stall,

pinned in a corner,

inches from Charlie’s back feet….

covered in fresh pile of horse manure.

Since Charlie is on watered down food, his manure has a tendency to be a little watery too.


Vito, post-bath, after nearly death by smothering under a pile of horse manuer.
Vito, post-bath, attempting to make me promise  I would keep the whole thing just between us.  Sorry Vito!  If I had pictures of you, in the stall,  covered in slightly watery horse manure, I would have posted it for the world to see!  Some things are just too good not to share.


Now before anyone mocks our Brave Vito for screaming like a little girl when the bombs started falling, please keep in mind, a normal Charlie road apple is about 1/3 the size of Vito’s head.  Imagine about 20 of them clocking Vito in various parts of his body, and he can’t get away.

No worries to those who don’t know the mechanics and gravitational properties of a horse turd.  Only Vito’s pride was injured, mostly because I couldn’t stop laughing.

But if it had been an actual life ending event, I think we can all agree, that would be one obituary that would be hard to write.



24 thoughts on “Please Watch Your Dogs Closely! We Almost Lost Vito Today.

  1. Poor Vito!!! Oh my goodness. Nothing at all close to Vito’s encounter but it reminded me of the day my dogs were all anxious to get out the door. You know how they all try to be the first one out the door. Well one just had to be first so he’s trying to plow his way up to the front and I couldn’t get to the door because of the crowd of dogs all with their noses at the door. Well one of the dogs was particularly anxious to get outside and the one that was trying to get to the front ended up going underneath him just as he was dropping turds and he got hit in the head with them! I told him, “it serves you right trying to plow through everybody!” lol. Ay-yi-yi… Vito’s encounter was much more traumatic, poor baby! I’m still laughing though… so funny.

    1. We get that on an embarrassingly regular basis. Someone walks into the urine stream or one of the little ones zigs instead of zags behing a large on ‘doing his business’ 🙂

    1. Fortunately, Hal and Charlie have always been very kind to the little ones. To see any dog, other than Willy and Morty. by the back feet of either horse really isn’t an issue.

      To see the little-est of the bunch being crapped upon, priceless!

  2. I don’t like horses, Nobody can figure out why when one is outside of the block fence on MY yard and all you can see is a rider’s head go up and then down and disappear below the block fence that I KNOW. I go ballistic-they’re big invaders. I can tell 100 yards (meters) away and I let them know who’s boss. It’s MY pack and no horses or squirrels allowed.

    Kyla (no brown apples on me).

  3. Oh poor Vito, that was really a bad day, but I’m glad only your dignity was buried in road apples. But I agree with you, it can be dangerous for dogs to be close to a horse, the Jack Russel of mom’s friend made a painful experience once.

    1. Charlie has been my kid for 19 years. Doesn’t matter who gets close to his back end, he never reacts – well, at least until Morty and Willy moved in. The others, he’s still nonreactive. We just got lucky with Hal that he’s exactly the same way.

      We do wish sometimes that Charlie (no shoes) would give a swift kick to the mid section of Willy and Morty. Maybe then they’ll learn and we can let them loose in the yard when the horses are loose!

  4. eventually you will write a book about these wonky animals and your life with them! – – -way way way too =funny. . . poor Vito, what trauma!

  5. Oh Lordy, poor Vito, he probably thought he was being smothered or drowned (a pile of horse apples is about the size of Vito). LOL

    1. Actually, Vito is moving away from wolf and more toward the fluffy cute dog, so he probably would’t have a problem with it.

    1. Nothing like seeing one of your little dogs, in shock, with an indescribable facial expression…. covered in horse manure 🙂

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