Happy Belated Trick-a-versary to Marcy!

With the never-ending ‘adventures’ thrown at us by 2014, Marcy’s Trick-a-versary slipped right by, unnoticed.

Why are we calling it her Trick-a-versary you might ask?  Because Marcy is an evil little Sorceress who called upon the Dark Forces to get her a ticket to Run A Muck Ranch, and once here, she morphed into a Chigger, digging so deep into the skin of The Ranch, to remove her would have caused great systemic injury to all residents.

Think I’m exaggerating?

You be the judge:

1.  After Morty planted himself in our driveway and refused to leave, (Memorial Day weekend 2012) we installed safeguards and designed an emergency response plan to prevent any other dog from entering Run A Muck Ranch.  Morty was #12.  That was an INSANE number of dogs!

2.  On February 19, 2013, Run A Muck Ranch agreed to foster Sampson, a stray on the streets of South Phoenix, for Save Our Strays, a segment of Pittie Me Rescue.  Sampson already had a family to adopt him, but he needed to be neutered first.  I was to pick up Sampson on February 20, take him to be neutered on February 22, and sometime the following week, he would be delivered to his forever family.


This is Sampson.  We were supposed to foster him.
This is Sampson. We were supposed to foster him.


3.  On February 20, 2013, I finished work early and was preparing to drive to South Phoenix to pick up Sampson, when suddenly and without warning, Run A Muck Ranch, and the whole of North Phoenix, and parts farther north, were hit with a deluge of sleet and snow.    Though the accumulation was not ‘significant’, neither snow nor sleet is a normal occurrence in these here parts.  Couple that with the fact that Arizona drivers are not known for their rational driving ability on dry roads and are down right imbeciles on wet roads after a simple rain.  Therefore, driving on the freeway was not a good idea.

Neither sleet nor snow fell upon South Phoenix that day.  The following is the ‘evidentiary’ video I posted to show Pittie Me Rescue that I was in fact, ‘snowed in’, and was not playing games with them.



Sampson was placed in a different, emergency foster home.

4.  On February 21, 2013, I received a request from Pittie Me Rescue to foster a 3 month old, very cute puppy, who had wandered into a trap.  With that request, came this photo:


What a cute, little puppy!
What a cute, little puppy!


Run A Muck Ranch couldn’t get a reputation as a welcher, and luckily, the puppy in the photo was so darned cute, he would be easy to place!  Sure, we’ll take him!

Later that day, Larry (puppy was believed to be a boy) was transported to a more northern location where I picked ‘him’ up.


Our first meeting.
Our first meeting.


Fun fact:   Larry turned out to be a Larri, but Crabby decided he didn’t like the name for a girl.  Instead, he chose Marcy because the ‘cute little puppy’ had the eyes of a Bush Baby, Crabby believed Bush Babies were marsupials…Marc-upial, Marcy.  Get it? (Psst.  Don’t tell Crabby about the non-marsupial status of Bush Babies!).

The horrible truth came soon after:

a)  Marcy was not a cute little puppy, she was ‘at least’ 8 months old, per the spaying vet.   Her age was confirmed several times thereafter.

b) From her behavior and postures, it was clear Marcy had no, or very little, human interaction during any of her imprint periods.  Translation:  she was absolutely and completely feral.

c) It took weeks before I could even touch her.  Even then, Marcy made it quite clear to me, and anyone in a 20 mile radius, she was not pleased.

Conclusion:  Oh Crap!  WE REALLY DON’T WANT 13 DOGS!!!!!!

(This video was taken 2 months after Marcy came to us.  We still couldn’t touch her without her screaming.)



Marcy’s contempt for the company of humans, the confinement of a building, and rules in general was offset by the fact she was surrounded by other dogs, more particularly the Stupid Ones and Emmi.  That they (The Stupid Ones and Emmi) found wisdom in keeping humans as pets clearly mystified Marcy.   That didn’t mean she couldn’t still spin her evil web of manipulation.

That Marcy was the ‘baby’ of the pack ticked her pink.   That the other dogs, especially The Stupid Ones and Emmi, had clay to mold in their own images pleased them very much.  As a result, the strong, mutual affection between Marcy and the Run A Muck Ranch dogs was nearly instantaneous.

Uber bad sign:  From the day Franky the Favorite entered the gates of Run A Muck Ranch, he never once played with his siblings – but he played with Marcy, a lot.

Marcy's evil showing when she thought no one was looking.
Marcy’s evil showing when she thought no one was looking.


All the dogs played with Marcy!  Watching the relationships between Marcy and her, sigh, siblings grow, one thought came to mind for Crabby and me:  This is NOT good!

That Marcy showed no interest in human contact other than to demand doors be opened and food to be put down, for months, the human thoughts became thus:  Oh  $#!@@@!!

And now you know the rest of the story.


Not sure how Marcy survived on the streets without a fluffy bed.
Not sure how Marcy survived on the streets without a comfy bed.


Marcy could never be an only dog, it would break her heart.  Though she would always look like a cute, cuddly puppy, a cuddly puppy* she would never be.  If she were to get loose in the City (the probable residence of anyone daring enough to adopt her), the chances of retrieving her – slim to none.  If she was trapped and turned in to the pound, she would be immediately e-listed for fear.  Our options were very limited.

But when push came to shove, of all the homes in the world Marcy could have gone to, she came to us, the one home where we gave up trying to shut bathroom doors long ago lest one of the beasties break it down.  The one home where a dog, any dog, who wasn’t attached to one of our body parts at all times was but a wistful dream.  The one home where Marcy’s very presence gave amusement to the other dogs, the Stupid Ones and Emmi in particular, which actually made it possible for us to walk a straight line from time to time because the dog population at our feet was reduced – said reduced population busy playing with Marcy.




Marcy ended up in probably the only home where her evasive Marcy qualities were actually appreciated by the humans.   Marcy actually fit.

Marcy’s been with us more than a year now.    She still has issues with strangers, even some strange dogs, but we’re working on it.  I’m not so sure it’s fear anymore, though.  Marcy likes things just so and to tell her it has to be any different is met with protest.   If the strange person or strange dog has something Marcy wants, poof!  there goes the previously existing ‘fear’.

Her fear and her reactions were real when she came to us.  Now they appear to be selective, thus, I think we have a brat on our hands.  I tell people when they get a rescue dog that the first couple of months – it’s all on the dog.  After that, it’s all on the people.  If our Marcy is indeed a brat, it’s the doing of Crabby and me and it is our problem to fix.


Macy eventually decided humans were kind of neat to keep as pets.
Macy eventually decided humans were kind of neat to keep as pets.   Is it me or does Angus look like an unmade bed in this pic?


Crabby still can’t walk up to her.  Up until, kid you not, last week, if Crabby was in the kitchen when Marcy’s bowl was down, Marcy would leave the room without eating.   Last week,  Marcy decided Crabby was simply un-trainable.  If he hasn’t learned to stay out of the kitchen when she’s eating by now, he’ll never learn.  She may as well just stay at her bowl and eat.

Despite not being permitted much physical contact at home, Marcy allows Crabby to take her on the trail, and she listens very well.  Crabby is going to try her as a camping dog soon.  The first trip will be close to home just in case they have  parting of the ways and I have to go reel her in.  I think after a few camping trips together, Marcy will follow the tradition of all “M” dogs at Run A Muck Ranch and decide Crabby is her favorite.

Did you happen to notice that asterisk a couple of paragraphs earlier?  The one I put after the phrase “cuddly puppy’?  Well, turns out Marcy is pretty cuddly, to me, at least on the people bed.  Sometimes she’s like a brick, sleeping half on and half off me.  Sometimes she does the ever popular Puppy Cuddle, sleeping with her head on my neck.  More often than not, she tucks herself up as tight as she can in my arm pit.

Doesn’t matter where we are, the yard or on the trail, if I call her, Marcy runs at me as fast as she can, and throws her front legs around my neck in a hug.  She’ll then bury her face in my neck and hold me tight for a little while, then go off on her way.  Marcy is the only dog who has ever done this to me.  I used to think it was an accident.  I now think it is a deliberate and conscious act.   It gives me a new punch in the Mom Card every time.




In the end, Marcy has decided human pets actually have value.

For our part, we’re pretty happy the Marcy conjured a snow storm to prevent us from picking up Sampson.  We’re OK with the fact she portrayed herself as a very young puppy, making us believe she would be easy to re-home, the only reason we agreed to take her.  And we’ve forgiven her for for immediately going for the jugular of Run A Muck Ranch, stealing the hearts of the other dogs almost immediately.  When push comes to shove, Marcy was always one of us, we just took a while to realize it.

Happy belated Trick-a-versary Marcy!  We couldn’t imagine a life without you.  Even though you ARE evil.




16 thoughts on “Happy Belated Trick-a-versary to Marcy!

    1. I have a feeling she wouldn’t want her current status threatened, so we don’t have to worry about ‘the others”.

  1. I can’t believe you put down a road map on how to play you. If things go bad here, we’ll just mosey on down the road and the three of us will follow the plan and you’ll have 15 canines.

    1. Refer back to the safe guards and Emergency Response Plan. If you show up at the gate… we know what to do!

  2. Clyde loves the chaos at the Run A Muck. when things get too quiet at home he sneaks out and scoots on over to the Ranch for some crazy fun

  3. Wasn’t just Marcy throwing everything at you, typist fell in love with Marcy and from the first reading about her would wish before reading everyone of your subsequent blog posts that you two had come to your sense and decided to keep her!

    1. It’s not that we came to our senses, it’s that we didn’t have a choice! Marcy spun an evil and intricate web in which there was no escape for us!

    1. Yes she did!

      Actually, we lost our Maude back in February. We haven’t been able to bring ourselves to change the ’13′ dog part. Maudie was and remains a part of us, the common thread of all the Run A Muck Ranch dogs.

      1. I just wanted to make sure the cosmos didn’t read your #14 and send us 2 waywards in the wind. We’re kind of superstitious, and with reason, that way 🙂

        We smile about Maudie now. We’re OK.

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