I Could Have Been A Role Model

It’s time to make dog food again!  Yippee! (Not).  The mess in the kitchen, the mountain of dishes, the smells…  not something I really look forward to, but hey, it’s for the kids, and they’re worth it!

With limited refrigerator/freezer space, preparations are a 2 day process.  Yesterday was the meat phase.  Today was the fruit/veggie phase. (Tomorrow is the mixing phase, not part of preparations).

After work, I went to the grocery store.  At the time I was grabbing my cart, a couple was getting theirs.

The Produce Section is just inside the door.

As I was slowly making my way through the produce, I noticed the woman of the couple looking at me several times.  I assumed it was due to my ‘after work’ appearance, today being a particularly grubby one, and didn’t pay her any mind.  Instead,  I continued to study the produce, thumping this, smelling that, and pinching a few of those, inching my way around the Department twice before making my selections.


"I don't wanna eat my vegitals Ma!"
“I don’t wanna eat my veggies Ma!”


I ran into the couple again in the canned vegetable aisle.  As I was carefully reading the labels looking for specific out of season veggies, sans salt, I noticed again, the woman looking at me, this time, quizzically.

By the time we met the third time, in the frozen vegetable aisle, my cart was awash in fresh produce and several canned vegetables.  Noticing the one canned veggie I had with salt, was available without it,  frozen,  I removed the offending cans, and started to make my way back the aisle to put them back .  In doing so, I nearly ran smack into the woman.  All I could think to say was “Frozen has no salt!” as I passed her.   In retrospect, perhaps “excuse me” would have been a better statement.

Our final meeting place was at the check out line.  I had just put my plethora of nature’s bounty on the conveyor when the couple arrived in line, directly behind me, the woman looking righteous, the man looking dejected.

Suddenly getting a serious case of grumbellies, I added a snack bag of potato chips to my purchases.


NEVER come between Marcy and her apple slices!
NEVER come between Marcy and her apple slices!  It’s the only time I’ve ever seen her ready, willing and able to take down a human. 


“Look, she’s getting chips!”, piped the man.

A little shocked that people I don’t know had apparently been talking about me, and clearly without thinking, I replied “Those are for me, the rest is for my dogs.”

The woman assumed a look of shock.

The man a visage of triumph.

The cashier broke out in rather loud laughter.

I lost what might have been my only chance to be a role model.


In my defense, look what I cooked for Crabby once!
In my defense, look what I cooked for Crabby once!




11 thoughts on “I Could Have Been A Role Model

  1. The cashiers at Albertson’s in Tramonto look puzzled about Their purchases but They explain that the dogs eat better than the humans in our house.

    1. The conversation at Frys did turn to people feeding their pets better than themselves – apparently a normalcy around these here parts.

  2. OK, I actually can relate to your point. A few days ago I was in Krogers for some light shopping. I finished off by spending a considerable period of time in attempting to choose some new treats for Harley. I must have read all the labels of every likely prospect on the shelves, without finding a grain- free, non-China origin product without some specific ingredient that I found objectionable. I finally said to heck with that and got a bag of fresh organic baby carrots, making a mental note that the “fresh” green beans were really tired looking and I needed to get him some when better product was available. I then proceeded through the self-checkout line with the carrots my ice cream, beer, corn chips, crackers, and kielbasa (Snacks for basketball playoff games on TV). Midway through checkout, the irony struck. I still took my stuff home. It was good.

    1. Pity you don’t know anyone who can make fresh treats for you… just saying.

      Actually, pretty much everything you see in a treat aisle has some ingredient from China. Reporting is only for certain phases in the ‘manufacture’ of pet foods, not the entire chain of possession.

      Thing is, we all scream foul on China, but fail to note that we have absolutely no problem making and selling home grown tainted food right here in the US.

      Think cantaloupe next time. A little tidbit from a local friend. Ours go nuts over it!

  3. The dogs definitely eat healthier then myself, course they also try to beg a chip out of me now and then(usually succeed too).
    I also love how you qualified that fed Crabby a good meal Once!

    1. Actually, that reminds me: That you gave us a bag of “Rich People Chips” for Christmas did not escape us. We got a great chuckle over it and never actually thanked you!

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