A Ride in the Waggin’ Wagon Courtesy of Slugger Cam

Slugger takes control of the Go-Pro to give us a dog’s eye view of riding in the Waggin’ Wagon. Thanks to Slugger’s superior videography skills, we now know how DASH! has conquered the pet gate!


12 thoughts on “A Ride in the Waggin’ Wagon Courtesy of Slugger Cam

  1. Oh my lordie..if I didn’t almost wet my pants laughin bwahahahahaahah I was on my way out and thought I will have a quick peek…and mannnn hilarious…..I thought two nuts in the back of my car was bad enough…love love love it…this is an Oscar winning performance!! Bravo ..off to start my Monday now and it has just been made the best day ever! hugs and loves Fozziemum xxx bwahahaahahahahaha

    1. So tell me, did you like the video? 🙂 Slugger stands still a lot more than Morty. We experimented with Slugger Cam a few weeks ago and got some pretty good stuff. Unfortunately, Crabby processed it and posted it directly to FB. Unless you have a Facebook account, you can’t see it.

      More Slugger Cam to follow as it becomes available!

      1. Hahahaahah I have liked the page and will check it out when I know I have a collection of dry undies…seriously busted a gut laughing bwahahaha 🙂

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