Why Crabby Deserves to Get Bitten

Can we all agree that if Willy were to get snarky at Crabby, Crabby had it coming?



To those who are wondering why I let Crabby torment Willy so:     The evil doing goes both ways.    The winner gets to sleep with me on the people bed.   The loser sleeps on the couch.  Crabby has spent a lot of time on the couch over the last few months.

The bummer about having so many great kids is that we end up taking more pictures than we have time to look through.  Seeing Maudie in this one caused a tear.  But she’s with Stella now. She’s OK.


16 thoughts on “Why Crabby Deserves to Get Bitten

  1. The three of us like to freeze Him out of the bed. We stake out our territories early and we’re all about preventing Him from having a good night’s sleep.

    1. Willy has learned to ignore Crabby for the most part. The little ones, though… they won’t tolerate it!

  2. Sometimes the finger makes a painful experience here in my crib. I’m super fast :o) btw: I had leaky eyes too as I saw Maude. Have a good weekend and if you need some glue for half bitten of body parts, give me a sign we still have some from dad’s last adventure with the grinder :o)

    1. The bigger kids, they seem to be OK with the occasional guerrilla poke. The little ones, they’re the ones that will try to detach a limb!~

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