Crabby Just Doesn’t Understand!

With all the trials and tribulations of 2014 so far, we haven’t taken the kids out for their  runs much as we usually do when the weather is cool enough.  The result:  Some of the ones still eating kibble have gotten a wee bit on the chubby side.  (Ding Ding to the home made diet kids, they all remain fit, with no reductions in rations, despite not so many romps to the desert – but as is always the case with me, I digress).

Yup, Morty's camping buddies called him fat.
Yup, Morty’s camping buddies called him fat.

I feed carefully measured amounts to each of the kids, and right now, they are pretty much already on their summer (fat season – too hot to romp) rations.  I can’t, with a clear conscience feed less.  A hungry dog is not a happy dog.

I decided to experiment: Substitute part of the Kibble Dogs’ kibble with raw veggies.

The purpose of the raw veggies is not to provide additional nutrition, Lord knows there’s enough spray-on synthetic supplements in their kibble, but to give then a feeling of fullness, while simultaneously sneaking in a further reduction of kibble. In theory, because a dog can’t fully digest raw veggies, they would have a slower pass through duration through the digestive system, and provide a feeling of fullness, longer.

Gotta stop and warn here:  Whenever I change something with the kids’ food, I never ass-u-me.  I watch them like a hawk.  At the slightest hint of a problem; appearance, activity level, behavior, etc., I go back to what was being done before the change.  Yup, dates, changes, quantities, observations – I write them down.  My kids are too important to me to take dangerous chances.

I suggest to anyone with a chubby dog following my lead: do the same thing.  If a change is going to be permanent, and there are no subjective changes in your dog after several months, time for some blood work to make sure you’re not doing something systemically that could come back and bite you, and your dog, in the butt.  Your eyes can play tricks on you.  Blood work is always truthful.

Anyway, back to the tale:

Sarah isn't really fat, she just doesn't have a hunger off switch.  The raw veggies do seem to satiate her some.
Sarah isn’t really fat, she just doesn’t have a hunger off switch. The raw veggies do seem to satiate her some.

I happened to notice, as I was performing the delightful chore of pooper scooping, that I was not seeing any whole pieces of the raw veggies in the ‘piles’.    Not noticing chunks of my experimental filler food, when I should have, got me curious.  What would you do if you were me?  Of course!  You would start dissecting the piles to actively search for pieces of undigested materials!

I found none.  I found that to be pretty odd, considering dogs don’t have the ability to digest plant materials as humans can. For that reason, veggies should be steamed before fed to them.

Even Emmi is growing a little muffin top.
Even Emmi is growing a little muffin top.

I wanted to share my eagle eye observations with Crabby.

“I noticed something odd,” I said to Crabby. “I’ve been tearing apart the kids piles in the back yard looking for undigested veggies and I’m not finding any!”

To this Crabby said, “That you aren’t finding anything, that’s not odd. That you’re out in the back yard picking apart our dogs’ shit, now THAT’s odd!”

Willy has "Love Handles".
Willy has “Love Handles”.

Crabby just doesn’t understand!

Or maybe I really  need to get out more…


14 thoughts on “Crabby Just Doesn’t Understand!

    1. I think, based on the comments I’ve received both here and on the FB page, we have proven a hypothesis I’ve had: Men can’t be Moms! Only a Mom can love enough to dissect dog droppings!

  1. Kaci, Kali and I get lots of veggies. Kale, green beans, broccoli and the best- canned pumpkin (100% pure-not the pie-ready kind). The vet thinks it’s great and we don’t have chunks in our poo.

    1. I can see not having undigested pumpkin, and if the veggies are steamed, they usually digest better. But I’m using big chunks of cold raw to make eating and digestion take longer. I wouldn’t have thunk I would have seen at least parts of undigested veggies!

  2. Dog mom / poop inspector … It all part of the job. I’ve hidden in the bushes with a pair of binoculars to watch some of my shy guys do their number 2’s…. It’s amazing how much info a doggy bowel movement can provide.

    1. Here, here Fellow Dog Mom! There’s a reason the second question any vet asks is about the bowel movements 🙂

  3. Storm has gained almost 10 pounds in these last few months. I blame the cold but I also blame the newly-moved-in-boyfriend who isn’t used to “puppy eyes.” I can’t wait when it is nicer out so I can try and get rid of her 10 pounds. And mine–ha!! 😉

  4. LMAO…The visual of Crabby’s face when you told him what you were doing. guys don’t understand this. I get it. I have done this with both dogs and my horses…not sure what that says about us females….hmmmm

  5. I have tried the veggies. my brothers Westie adores the mini carrots, munches them like a chew bone til they are gone. My Two – humpff! The only thing they will touch is carrots cooked in pot roast gravy, and rice with butter! Sidetrack picked up the steamed carrot and tried to bury it under the rug!

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