Retro Run A Muck Ranch: Circa 1997ish

Crabby found a box of old photos in the far recesses of our closet, which is where I found this one.   It’s scanned, so don’t pick on the photo quality!

Crabby looked so young back then.  Fortunately for me, I haven’t aged a day 🙂

The bath buddy is the Joy we will always know and love as Otis, who changed my opinion of pit bulls forever.  Yes, I was once one of  ‘them’, believing it was the breed and not the deed.  I will always be thankful to that big lug for setting me straight.

Otis was and remains special to us, not just for his  Heroic Act, but because of his beautiful soul.

Our Beloved Maude was actually Otis’ puppy.  I think we can all agree, he raised her very well.

Otis LOVED a good bubble bath!




6 thoughts on “Retro Run A Muck Ranch: Circa 1997ish

  1. We remember Judy and her wonderful column. We met her when we bought this house in New River and she lived about a mile away at that time. She was the builder’s real estate agent. We haven’t heard from her since she moved to Anthem and the real estate market turned south.

    1. I never forgave her for turning it into a ‘wildlife is dangerous’ story and saying Otis fought.

      Otis saved Lucas (the blood hound), and didn’t hurt the coyote. The heavens opened and the angels sang!

      Sad about how time passes. We watched Lucas grow from a tiny wrinkled mass with too long ears to a very large lug with a very grey muzzle. He passed away himself, I think it was last year. As long as we could see him, we could still see Otis. Now they’re both gone.

      Need to watch that Dancing Nathan video again – starting to depress myself!

  2. I have no problems with any breed of dog, but apart from the Australian Cattle Dog, I have always had small dogs, Westies or Maltese. The problem is that in Australia Pit Bulls are not looked upon with favour and since I don’t know anyone who has one, all you get are the stories in the newspaper, which, as newspapers are, always the pure truth. I don’t know, really I don’t.

    1. The problem is pits aren’t looked upon favorably anywhere. The press doesn’t help.

      As a former anti-Pit Bull person, who saw what others see on the news right on the streets I lived on, and a now multiple times over the years Pit Bull mom or foster mom, I can tell you honestly, and from personal experience:

      The problem isn’t what the leash is holding, it’s who’s holding the leash. The same rule applies to every dog, but Pit Bulls are a media draw, so if they ever step out, everyone hears about it.

      Pittys, aren’t for everyone, just like a 4 pound Maltese wouldn’t be for us, unless said Maltese was as huge in the head as our Vito.

      The next time you see someone walking a pitty on the street, ask if you can say hello. After the pitty parent scoops themselves up off the ground from the shock, both they and the pitty will be quite welcoming of a new friend.

    1. Oh, but Easy: Think fluffy bubbles to play in while soaking in a warm bath! The first time Otis went in, it was a joke, and because he needed a bath anyway. The rest of the times, he went in on his own. A bath – he wouldn’t do. A bubble bath was completely different in Otis’ mind.

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