Thank God for Hector

We really needed a reason to smile right now.

Enter Hector.



This goes out to Hector’s vet:  If you’re watching this, please don’t be mad!  If we didn’t let Hector let off some steam, he would have blown the other eye out!  Besides, we really needed this right now.


25 thoughts on “Thank God for Hector

    1. He could if we would have let him! He still has to take it easy until next week, but we had to let him have a little fund. We knew he would explode when we took the collar off, ergo, had the camcorder ready 🙂

    1. Considering the video was slowed to 1/3 speed, I think you will agree, if we didn’t let Hector blow off some steam, we would be bringing him to his checkup with his remaining eye in a jar!

    1. Vet said 5-7 days. I told Crabby 7. The original tear went south, why take a chance with a more serious condition! But then I slipped on day and mentioned the 5-7. We negotiated 6 days. The e-collar has been stored far out of sight!

  1. Go Hector….you crazy dude you…Doc would do the same…can’t keep a good dog down…i mean you really can’t….they drive you nuts!! and the music was perfect….bless you Hector for making my day! hugs Fozziemum x

    1. First music that came to mind when I said we needed to video the ‘event’ was Born Free :). Changing the video to slow mo (it is slow mo, believe it or not, 1/3 original speed) just seemed to fit.

      1. Bwahahhah yes I believe it !Fox terrier owner here…know all about the blur of a speeding hound! love it …makes me smile …good stuff 🙂

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