About Maude

Maude took her last breath, on our couch, her head resting on my hand, my head resting on hers.

Maude didn’t take a piece of our hearts when she passed, she made them whole in a way we didn’t think possible from her life.   To imply her passing is a loss completely negates all that she gave to us through the years, during a life we, and no one else, were chosen by the cosmos to share.

My condolences and heartfelt sympathies go out to everyone who never met our Maude.

Maude’s best friend in life was the Joy we know as Stella.  Stella left us too soon, several years ago, from soft tissue carcinoma which metastasized so fast, treatment was futile.

They say all dogs go to heaven.  That wasn’t the case with Stella.  Heaven itself knew it wasn’t good enough for her.  Stella went straight to the right side of whatever entity you believe created this crazy world.

Stella loved Maude very much, and I know for fact that when she saw her best friend and sister in line to enter Heaven, she went right to her, huge smile on her face, tail stump going a mile a minute  and said, “I missed you so much Maude!  You can visit Heaven anytime, but you’re going to stay with me!”

Maude is with Stella now, in a place most of us will never be good enough to see.  She’s OK.

Maude Goodhart

10/15/99 – 2/24/2014


Forever her Daddy’s Girl.

Forever in our hearts.

Forever loved.



49 thoughts on “About Maude

    1. If I remove all identifiers, may I use your e-mail, and my response, which I haven’t sent, in another blog entry?

  1. I am so very sorry. I wish I could have met her. I’m sure we would have got on. Yes, it hurts at the time but you are right, they leave us with such wonderful memories.

  2. I am so glad that Maude passed in her home, where she loved so much and was loved so much. You, Dan, and Maude obviously gave each other many things that were very special. I am comforted by your thoughts that, although you will certainly miss her, you are truly enriched by your memories of her. You certainly define a rich perspective that replaces typical grieving with a true appreciation of her life and your relationship with her. But, it’s still OK to shed shed some tears. I never knew Maude, but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. We are sad.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your sweet girl. I always like to think that as much as it is hard to say goodbye I thank the universe for having our babies in the first place…hugs to you all and to the pack who must be missing her terribly…she is indeed in a place only those so sweet and loving and loyal are allowed entry to. And yes we all have missed out on meeting her and that is our loss. Love to you all Bev and pack xxxxx

  4. Maude had no assist? That was a blessing-it eliminated a big decision for you. Now, if I go on a (gentle) hike, I won’t get to meet Maude. Boo Hiss. You still have 12 puppies, but there’s something missing.

    1. Unfortunately, we had to help her. We had a vet come to the house. Maude never really knew adversity. I couldn’t upset her by taking her some place strange. It had to be at home.

  5. Maude, RIP sweet baby. I know you were loved like there was no tomorrow. Run free in the hills of green grass and live your new life pain free.

  6. “My condolences and heartfelt sympathies go out to everyone who never met our Maude.” How perfect is that. I was afraid I would be sad when i opened this thread – I find myself happy instead – what a very nice surprise 🙂

    1. I just told it as I saw it. Maude was and always will be someone special. It’s a shame she couldn’t share what she had with everyone.

    1. After Stella left us, Maude never had the same attachment to any of the others. We thought maybe Sarah could be a new besty, but it never happened. It has to be Stella.

  7. My pack sing every evening, with my only female Izzy in the lead. Some nights it is short and sweet, others it’s long and joyous. Once in a while it it’s mournful with each dog doing just a bit of a solo. I’ve always imagined on nights like that they are sharing stories of friends who are now missing. Last night we had one of those mournful howling sessions, I guess I know why now. If I can cry about the passing of a sweet dog who I have never meet why can’t they? (((HUGS))) & nose bumps from East Texas

    1. It was never an exchange. Our ledger is still in the red when compared to what Maude gave us. But I have 12 of her underlings, she having influenced each and every one of them in some way or another, to make up for any deficiencies we may done against Maude.

  8. I am glad Maude got to leave this world surrounded by those she loved and who loved her most. Her’s was a life well lived. Your stories about her always made me smile (heck, who am I kidding…all of your stories do) and I can feel the love for her through your words. Just know that I am thinking of you and the gang.

    1. We always know it’s going to happen when we let them into our hearts. The thing we have to always remember is, once in, they never leave, even if their bodies aren’t here. Thanks for the thoughts.

  9. I am so sorry you had to say goodbye to your sweet girl, my heart really goes out to you all right now. Maude brought happiness to all of our lives through your stories and photos, she will be missed.

    1. I think we all wish they would live longer, but the time we do have is a treasure to be remembered. There is something, though, about watching a muzzle go from stumpy puppy to old and gray, with eyes that have never even considered the possibility of fear or cruelty. I hope we did right by Maude.

  10. Oh I just saw this post. My heart breaks. Maude, Stella, and Otis will always hold a special place in my heart. they were the first doggy welcoming committee when I first moved in all those years ago. Maude
    was just a young lady then. I will miss her. she always showed such wisdom and showed the other dogs how to act with class.

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