Bittersweet Sunday Pictures

We think The Queen of Run A Muck Ranch is starting to fail.

There have been some small changes over the last few weeks, but nothing that couldn’t be attributed to Maude being elderly, even by elderly standards.

Today, though, things are more severe.  We weren’t able to finish her Sunday Family Desert Walk.  Actually, we barely started it before we had to bring the Waggin’ Wagon to her rather than the other way around.

Maude is really wobbly on her feet and as the day has progressed, she is starting to hold her head crooked.   She hasn’t eaten breakfast (though she ate dinner) the past 2 days.  Today she didn’t want to eat at all until I hand fed her freshly cooked hamburger.

Maude’s not in pain.  She’s just way off.

Apparently she doesn’t have just Crabby and me worried, one of her brothers has become particularly attentive to her:

Touchy feely isn't Willy's usual forte.
Touchy feely isn’t Willy’s usual forte.
But for some reason he thought next to Maude was the best place to be.
But for some reason he thought next to Maude was the best place to be.

As I was uploading the previous photos, with tears, I noticed this going on behind me:

Hard to keep a dry eye in the house today.
Hard to keep a dry eye in the house today.  Even Sarah thought Maude needed extra attention.

We have been chasing Maude around with freshly laundered, fluffy dog beds, thinking she would be more comfortable on them, but apparently she prefers the floor.  This evening, only Maude, no one else, not even One Eyed Hector is allowed on the couch.  For the foreseeable future, her diet will consist of hand fed, freshly cooked hamburger and ice cream, her 2 most favorite foods in the world.

It may be Maude is just having a bad day.  We hope it is.   But if it isn’t, it’s not your healing thoughts we need, it’s your hope for us that Maude will pass peacefully in her sleep, at the only home she’s ever known, surrounded by the family that has always adored her.   All life ends in death.  I met Maude before her eyes opened, and she came to live with us 14 years, 2 months and 8 days ago.  Seems like just yesterday.  But even then, we knew this time would come.

If there’s no improvement, I’ll be calling the vet in the morning for advice on what threshold we should be looking for, just in case.

I’m sorry my posts haven’t been as humorous as times past.  2014 has been kicking us in the keisters in a really bad way.  Hopefully the tide will shift, and we can be back to laughter soon.


20 thoughts on “Bittersweet Sunday Pictures

  1. Sending love your way my friend. I’ve been petsitting a friend’s dog this weekend and her doggie is getting up in years. There’s some weird poo thing going on, a lot of limping, and getting on the floor is a quick fall rather than a gentle sit. I’m broken, and she’s not even my dog! As much as you’ve prepared for what could be this time, it still must be hard. Hang in there! 😦

  2. How incredibly touching to see the others providing Maude with extra love and attention, lovely. Peace be with all of you.

  3. Sending loving thoughts to dear Maude. My Man is over 13 now and he is slowing down but still likes to go walks, even if I have to carry him half the time. I will be thinking of you, Maude and all the kids.

  4. Feeling much empathy and compassion. When they come to us as puppies, it is almost impossible to imagine them aging. We have loved and handed back to Heaven many dogs and three poodles we had from the age of 8 weeks old went home in a space of one year. They were 22, 19, and 18 years old. I pray Maude goes to sleep at home when she is ready, cause that last ride is rough beyond measure. I know she has had the best dog’s life that this world can offer with you and Crabby. I love how you both love your crew. I think God gave us dogs with such a shorter life span than humans (in most cases) so that we could learn to let go with grace and so that we could experience unconditional love, over and over. Jeanne Marie

  5. I am so sorry you guys are going through this right now, it is hard on the whole family when a few beloved members are not well. It is such a beautiful thing to see Willy and Sarah each taking extra good care of sweet old Maude, those photos really give my heart a squeeze. My love and prayers are with you all, great big hugs from all of us here at the farm.

  6. We’ll certainly be thinking of Maude and you all. We hope that she just has a temporary case of the blahs. Just remember that for all the joy she has given you, she also knows just how much love you have given her – and that’s a lot.

  7. I with everyone else feels for you all…I know my boys have been with me since puppyhood and watching them slow down is really hard…we know it will happen all us animal lovers do..but it doesn’t detract from the pit of your stomach aching and your breath being dragged from you. We hope Maude is having a bad day, we are glad she is so loved by her human and animal pack and if she is tired then we hope in her sleep she crosses to the bridge. Sending our love and hugs Bev xxxx

  8. Willy is so sweet 🙂 I just sent you an email before I started reading, so I hadn’t realise that not so good news continue to linger after the stuff with the eye. I hope Maude gets comfortable and I know it’s hard not to worry, but you humans take care as well!

  9. I had tears in my eyes to as I saw the photo. I hope Maude really had just a bad day, I cross my paws as hard as I can for Maude and for you. And what ever will happen I’m there with you, sadly just in my thoughts.

  10. Oh geez! 2014 isn’t being nice to you and your pack. I’m so very sorry Maude isn’t well. You’ve loved her, cared for her, and with any luck and lots of prayers, she’ll go back to her creator in the peace and comfort of her home.

  11. Wishing Maude a peaceful and gentle rest of her days and passing. We lost our old boy Chance a few years ago, and while he didn’t go in his sleep like we wanted, he went quickly, surrounded by his family. That’s the best way.

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