Yet More News on Hector

Just one day after posting the positive update on our Happy Hector, something went horribly wrong.   Back to the vet we went.

The vet came into the exam room, took one look at Hector, and said “This isn’t good”.

Despite scheduling sleep, work, and all other life matters around Hector’s eye drops, his eye ruptured.

Our vet is more a general practitioner, so she referred us to an Ophthalmologist and pulled the strings so we could get in the very next day.

Usually when one goes to a ‘specialist’, an extensive examination is done, sometimes followed with extensive testing.   In our case, our appointment was at 9:45a.m.  We were checking out at 9:55.

Hector was already irreparably blinded in his right eye.    The rupture was severe, and Hector was in great pain.  Though the eye could ‘fixed’ cosmetically (people really do that ?!?!?!),  a painful cataract some time down the road was highly possible.  This was also the same eye where 2 prior cherry eye surgeries had failed.  Indeed, just a week before the corneal tear, the cherry eye had returned.

The Ophthalmologist recommended an emergency denucleation.   For those of us living in the more common world – that means Hector’s eye had to be removed.  Despite all our efforts, Hector lost his eye.

We are very fortunate to have Dr. Kirsten Young of Daisy Mountain Veterinary Hospital as our primary vet in that she made time in her existing schedule to ‘do the deed’ right away, and within a couple of hours, Hector’s beautiful eye was no more.

Of all the dogs who call Run A Muck Ranch their home, Hector is the one who would be least affected by any sudden ‘disability’.   His perpetual happiness prevents anything from getting Hector down, and the loss of an eye is nothing but a flesh wound to him.

Look at Hector just a few hours after surgery:

If not for the lingering affects of the anesthesia, his tail would have been wagging.

Now look at him the day after:

Today is Day 3.  I left Hector alone in the yard for just a minute.  When I went to get him, e-collar clad Hector was running with the horses.

Assuming Hector’s currently restricted lifestyle doesn’t cause him to explode sometime in the next 11 days (the time left we have to keep him ‘quiet’), I think it’s safe to assume he will be just fine!


As an aside to this tale of woe, and just in case video footage is played on the local evening news asking viewers to help identify a certain individual, I would like to explain in my defense:

You have to remember:

1.  I was getting up EVERY 3 HOURS, every night, for several days, with each waking lasting 1/2 hour,  to give Hector his eye drops.  I also went home between jobs to keep the day schedule as close to 3 hours apart as possible.  In other words, I was more than a little tired.

2.  The evening before, we received troubling news, that Hector might lose his eye, but had to wait until he was seen by an Opthamologist the next day to know anything for sure.  Despite not giving drops that particular night, sleep didn’t happen.  Too many Mommy Worries going through my head to sleep.  I started that morning barely mentally competent.

3.  Usually, I dress thusly:  Tank top, t-shirt, sweatshirt, and 2 zipper hoodies.  That particular morning, I wasn’t thinking straight and dressed only in a tank top and  1 hoodie.

4.  I NEVER leave any of my kids at the vet without something from home.  Since Hector and I went directly from the Ophthalmologist to Daisy Mountain Veterinary Hospital, I didn’t stop at home to get something to leave with Hector.  Upon reaching Daisy Mountain, and realizing my omission, my only option was to step into the restroom, remove my tank top, and leave it with Hector.  I left for work dressed only in a zipper hoodie.

Anyone want to take a wild guess on what I did shortly thereafter at a Circle K, when the elevated internal temperature caused by stress made me need to cool off?  Go ahead, guess!

Anyone want to take a wild guess on how long it took me to realize I was exposing myself in a convenience store?

I think it goes without saying, it was all caught on the security cameras…..

Sigh….  Never a dull moment at Run A Muck Ranch.


33 thoughts on “Yet More News on Hector

      1. Vet said at least 5 days, preferably 7 days on the e-collar. I told Crabby 7. Last night I let the 5 slip. We’ve negotiated to 6. Tuesday, to celebrate the removal of the e-collar, Hector and DASH! get a trip to Dairy Queen!

  1. Dog’s are amazing. As a former Veterinary Technician I have witnessed so many dogs loose an eye or leg and just bounce back like no big deal i can handle this. Thanks for sharing the videos Hector is one tail wagging dog. 🙂

    1. Dogs may be amazing, but our Hector is super amazing! And yes, he has some seriously developed wagging muscles! 🙂

  2. Kali says Hector is the bomb. She’d go for him, but her heart belongs to DASH! Hector, that cone of shame is obviously something your peeps wouldn’t put you through without doing it themselves.

    1. DASH! is not pleased with Hector getting all the attention right now. Earlier I told DASH! that when he loses an eye, then he can get the same treatment. Now I’m worried he will do something to himself to do just that!

  3. Oh geez. I’m sorry about hector’s eye but he’s taking it in stride like most animals do. You did everything you could. Eek! Sorry about the lack of sleep and exposing yourself that had to be really embarrassing. Sending love & hugs to you and everyone else at the run a muck ranch. 🙂

  4. I’m not sure anyone actually saw me – it wasn’t all that crowded. It wasn’t until later I thought of the security cameras. So far I haven’t seen any notices looking for the female flasher, so hopefully nothing else happened that day to cause anyone to look at the security footage!

  5. Love to Hector and good luck…keeping our foxie quiet after a knee reco was…well not really successful…hahahhaa and as for your ‘mishap’ bravo! I say let the world enjoy ….damn that internal furnace 😉 hugs Fozziemum x

  6. Oh, sweet Hector. :} I’m sending lots of pets and loves. – He reminds me in looks and temperament of my Snaps, who is also a sweet waggy boy. All the best to him for his recovery and good luck keeping him quiet! lol

    1. He doesn’t appear effected in the lease, except for the itching that is! The quiet part… therein lies the rub 🙂

  7. Sorry about Hector but he will adjust. The Man had all his teeth removed and he eats like a horse. Seems to me 2014 has not been a great year thus far, but with time and patience, things will get better. Easy for me to say, I know, but I believe they will. 2013 was our bad year and thus far 2014 has been fairly reasonable.

  8. Sorry about Hector, but it’s amazing how he appears less unhappy than I would if it happened to me. So, in that sense I am glad for you. Hope he recovering nicely now and that 2014 will start to get better for you eventually.

  9. Love Hector’s “it’s all good” attitude. What a wonderful dog. I was so sad reading this but felt better at the end – and then really lol’d at the footnote! Life is certainly interesting at Run Amuck 🙂

  10. Hector will do just fine! I suspect you will, too, once the embarrassment of flashing the corner store’s patrons wears off. I laughed so hard at this part of the story, the dogs had to come check on me to make sure I wasn’t having some sort of epileptic fit. Hate to laugh at your misery, but that was totally something I might have done in similar circumstances! Give ol’ Hector boy a big smooch from us! And when an APD goes out for a female flasher suspect in the SW United States, don’t worry. Your secret is safe with us!

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