When Space is Limited…

You might find this hard to believe, but we have more dogs than rational people should have.  Couple that with a very small house, and things get pretty crowded.

Here are some techniques the kids have used to make the most of our small space.


Vertical Layering




The Merged Back to Back




Horizontal Tucking




Sibling as Pillow




The Spoon




The Hybrid Vertical/Horizontal Layer




The Puppy Cuddle




The Hug




25 thoughts on “When Space is Limited…

    1. Hi Shrimp, I miss having a purr kitty around. Not thinking Run A Muck Ranch with 13 misfits would be a cat’s first choice of living accommodations!

    1. I’m not sure if I reached onto the Tree of Men and pulled off a chocolate covered cherry, or if I just wore Crabby down over the years. Either way, he’s dad to 15 if you count the horses!

    1. I seem to recall more than a couple of the K9 persuasion livinig in your household as well. Do they have any space saving techniques you can share photographically?

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