Sunday Hugs

Sare Bear is always up for a good hug.




I’m not even sure how to interpret this one… click on it to get a better look at Willy’s face.



OK, this one’s better!  Well, except for the great view you get of Maude peeing in the background.



If given the choice between being fed treats and spending time with you, I guarantee your dog will choose you over treats every time!  Just don’t forget the hugs.


21 thoughts on “Sunday Hugs

  1. Hugs are the best. I’m working on a foster cat and once we started with snuggles and pets, she can’t get enough. Poor thing has a severe allergic reaction to fleas so I took her in, the vet got her doctored up, we are doing meds for an ear infection and her condition is improving by leaps and bounds. Working on getting her more socialized with my cats, but she’s more of a people cat. Oops.. I rambled, any ways, snuggles and hugs are awesome. Lovely hug pictures.. even with Maude peeing on the background, maybe she was jealous?

    1. I’m in the process of cropping out DASH! and Angus photo-bomb-peeing in other pictures of this morning’s walk as we speak. Jealousy isn’t an issue, the motto “When you gotta go, you better go!” is!

    1. Now Kyla, can a treat give you hugs? Scratch you in all the right places? Does a treat have a lap? It doesn’t make you any less a princess to admit you love your family more than your treats!

  2. Hugs are the best..think the ‘face’ is you scratching the right spot..;) always get the wolf face when you scratch a certain spot..then the lip sticks to the fangs hahahha 🙂 hugs Fozziemum x

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