Our Nimble Boy

Some people don’t believe me when I say Morty can practically scale rock faces.

Here’s a pic from a hike a while back.  Morty decided he wanted to get to the top of the canyon wall.  He barely stops to even look for foot holds.

The boy is nimble!





14 thoughts on “Our Nimble Boy

    1. Good for him, bad for me. Crabby lets him go places I would never allow! Also, Marcy will follow Morty anywhere. I don’t just bite my fingernails over Morty, now it’s Marcy too!

      1. Too right!! our Foxie Doc doesn’t know when to quit with the games..had a knee reco after he did his knee and j\kept running!! had no idea..he didn’t even stop…and now years later the same…we have to keep it to swims in the damn chasing a toy (with harnesses and giant long rope for fear of drowning) but he still wants to run and chase..at nearly 12 his arthritis flares so trying to keep him happy (love when the vet says not more running activities….good luck hes a foxie two speeds flat out or asleep) is a constant challenge 🙂

    1. That boy is incredible. Never so much as a stumble! Crabby is lucky I let him take Morty camping. I’m quite sure Crabby lets him go places I would never allow!

    1. Our Stumpy, Elderly, Gimpy, Mental and Twitchy (Angus, Maude, Sarah, Willy and Vito) walking group would LOVE your Scottish hills! Especially for Sarah, green as they are, there would be lots of grasses and mosses to eat, and cool places to lay down to eat them!

  1. He’s nible enough that you could hire him out as a Canine Sherpa on the next Everest Expedition. But then, you’d need really long fingernails for that :o)

    1. That would never happen! Planes are flying cans of death! I would never allow Morty to get on a plane, ergo, no worries about going to Everest!

      1. Yes, well, ok. I can relate to that. Hate flying myself – just don’t do it. If I cannot, drive, take a train, take a coach or sail there, I probably don’t want to go anyway.

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