Run A Muck Ranch News Bulletin: 1/19/14, Why Crazy Should Just Stay in Bed Until 2015

Crazy Takes Triple Whammy When Pulled Over by Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department on New Years Day

When on her way to work on New Year’s Day, Crazy was pulled over by a friendly Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy (MCSO), for the following reasons:  1) Crossing the fog line, 2) cracked tail light lens, and 3) running a red light.

The incident occurred on Carefree Highway, the same Carefree Highway made famous by Gordon Lightfoot in a song by the same name.  For the record, the song makes it sound a lot more romantic than it actually is.

Now let’s look into these infractions with a little more detail:

1.  Show of hands out there, how many people, while driving safely, have had tires go over the fog line?   Crazy witnessed countless others breaking this ‘law’, including MCSO vehicles.

2. Cracked tail light lens.  Yes it’s cracked but still fully functional.

3.  OK, so this one was technically true, however,  if the ladies and gentlemen of the jury were to view the intersection where it occurred, the verdict would come back innocent.  At that particular red light, a 3rd lane has been added to the far right as a turn lane.  Perpendicular traffic on the red would enter from a sparsely populated residential area, where traffic is so light, it has become common practice for most regular drivers to roll that particular right on red.  On the morning of 1/1/14, before daylight, when Crazy approached the intersection, there was no traffic entering from the residential area.

In a related story, Crazy has this warning to issue to others:  If you happen to be pulled over for rolling a red, at an intersection that houses law enforcement’s favorite break spot, in this case, a Circle K, it is not wise to, the very next day,  follow a law  enforcement vehicle that rolls the very same red light into said Circle K and ask why the action is not an infraction for law enforcement.   In a relatively small area, you just might be asking this question of the very same deputy who pulled you over the day before, but you don’t recognize him.  He will NOT be amused at your questioning.

Waggin’ Wagon Suffers Near Death Experience; Healing Nearly Breaks the Bank

The Waggin’ Wagon suffered a cardiac arrest as Crabby and Morty were traveling to a snow camp.  Crazy was called to bring truck and trailer to the rescue since a professional towing company would cost in the range of $700.

The Waggin' Waggon packed up for the ride home.
The Waggin’ Waggon packed up for the ride home.

Repairs to the Waggin’ Wagon far exceeded the estimated amount, so much so that both Crazy and Crabby cried a little.  But alas, she is back on the road, and all is swell at this point.

Towing Waggin’ Wagon 150 Miles Proves Too Much for Crazy’s Trailer

A landscaper’s trailer is crucial to a landscaper’s work.  Imagine if you will, Crazy’s chagrin when, a few days after towing the Waggin’ Wagon, she suffered a blow out in one of the trailer tires.  Fortunately, she was only a mile from a Fletcher’s Tire, so she limped the trailer there.

Seeing a female struggling with a bottle jack to remove a trailer tire in their parking lot proved pay dirt for the employees of Fletcher’s because it afforded them an excuse to delay opening for the day.   Rather than prove chivalry still exists, they found it more prudent to quickly close the bay doors, lock the front door and turn off the lights.  But I digress…

After removing the blown out tire, the back axle on the trailer pretty much fell off.  Let’s all sing the Happy Happy Joy Joy Song!

Having spent all disposable funds fixing the Waggin’ Wagon, there was none left to have the trailer professionally repaired, so Crabby and Crazy had to do it themselves.

Just the married ladies out there, show of hands: how many of you would rather gouge your own eyes out than assist your husband with an unfamiliar trailer repair?  Despite some shaky moments,  the trailer is fixed and the marriage remains in tact.

Santa Hates Crabby, or Maybe He Hates Crazy

Crazy had saved up to purchase for Crabby, the ultimate in recliners:  The Catnapper Magnum:  An over sized rocker/recliner, with heat and massage.    It was understood at the time of ordering (December 14), that the chair would not arrive until after Christmas, but a reasonable delivery time was assured.

On Christmas Day, Crazy presented to Crabby a picture of the Magical Recliner.

Alas, it was not to be...
Alas, it was not to be…

Crazy’s patience ran out on January 9 when no notification of shipping was received and contact was made with the store with which she had done business.  After several calls, a January 13 shipping date was promised.

On January 14, Crazy was informed the Recliner ‘might’ ship by February 5.

Needless to say, the order was cancelled and Crabby is left with nothing but a picture of the over sized bliss he was meant to receive.  The funds for this looked-forward-to Christmas gift had to be diverted (see following 2 stories) and the chair will not be re-ordered.

In other words, Crabby received nothing from Santa this year.

Mortimer Left Unattended When the Horses Were Out; Bites Charlie

In yet one more example of “It only takes a second”, tragedy has befallen Run A Muck Ranch.  Mortimer was left unattended, loose in the back yard, and as a result, Charlie got hurt.   Crazy was at work and Crabby was packing up the Waggin’ Wagon for a sans Morty camping trip.  Crabby didn’t see the need to tie Morty because Morty was “just laying in the sun”.  Apparently that wasn’t all he was doing…

6 days of healing.  Despite what it looks like, it is actually healing better than expected.
After 6 days of healing. Despite what it looks like, it is actually healing better than expected.

Though the crime was not witnessed, only 2 Run A Muck kids, Sarah and Morty, have jaws large enough to cause the damage.  Sarah doesn’t even acknowledge the horses, unlike Morty who chases them if given the chance.

The wound required stitches, but there wasn’t enough tranquilizer in the State to put Charlie down enough for him to tolerate the procedure (we tried for 4 hours!).  Instead, the wounds were left open with instructions to Crazy to keep the wound immaculately clean until it scabbed over.

To keep said wound immaculately clean involved Crazy camping out in front of Charlie’s stall all night long, Friday and Saturday, to insure he didn’t lay down.  It also called for regular cleanings of the wound with Betadine and packing it with Panalog.  Forgiveness was afforded Crazy so she could go to work Saturday morning, provided the wound was immediately cleaned on her return.

For her efforts, Crazy suffered lack of sleep hallucinations as well as several kicks to the shins, thighs and ribs since no one was available to hold Charlie while Crazy tended to the wounds (Crabby was camping and unreachable).  Thank goodness Charlie doesn’t wear shoes!

Mortimer has proven himself completely untrustworthy, and as a result, will remain chained when the horses are loose until he becomes too old to chase.   Hopefully Crabby has learned UNLESS HE IS THERE TO WATCH MORTY, MORTY CAN NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT BE LEFT LOOSE WHEN THE HORSES ARE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Hector Gives Crazy a Special Gift

The weekend from Hell was over.  Charlie’s wounds had scabbed over enough that he did not require constant monitoring.  Crabby had returned from his camping trip.   Crazy had just finished a hot shower and brought a blanket and pillow to the living room with the intention of laying down and cuddling the recently neglected Run A Muck Ranch kids, in this, the first opportunity she had had to sit still in more than 48 hours.

2 freshly washed rectangular dog beds were pushed together to accommodate Crazy and several kids, the pillow placed and Crazy laid down.

Hector was the first of the kids to enthusiastically join Crazy, leaping onto her chest, and


promptly vomiting all over her.


Vito’s Seizures Return With a vengeance; Crazy’s Sleep Deprivation Continues

Charlie’s wounds were scabbed over sufficiently, and Crazy given the all clear that he could lay down.  Crazy was looking forward to some desperately needed sleep.  Alas, it was not to be.

Over the next 24 hours, Vito suffered 4 seizures, an ER visit and a visit to his regular veterinarian.

Vito isn't sick in this picture, he's just all warm and comfy.
Vito isn’t sick in this picture, he’s just all warm and comfy.

Blood results, both at the ER, and another test at his regular vet showed a potential serious problem with his liver.  A later Ultrasound revealed no liver defect.  Due to Vito’s size, the ultrasound actually covered all internal organs, none of which showed a problem.

Because the testing took place over the course of the week, we went into the weekend with no clue as to what is causing Vito’s seizures.

The next step, according the ultrasound vet, is to look at Vito’s brain.  Thing is, even if a tumor is found, Run A Muck Ranch does not have the finances to have it removed.  For that reason, Crazy and Crabby are holding him closer and hoping pretty hard whatever is causing the seizures is not a cancer or tumor on the brain and that Vito responds well to whatever anti-convulsives he is started on next week.

Please send good thoughts Vito’s way.

Sarah Shares a Special Kind of Love

Vito’s first seizure occurred at 11:30 pm, after we had all gone to bed.  Happens that particular night was a Vito on the People Bed night.

The loss of bodily functions is common during a seizure.  11:30 pm  was way too late to bleach the bed and re-make it with the one other sheet set, besides, the blankets were similarly messed, and Run A Muck Ranch doesn’t have another set anyway, so Crazy and Crabby simply made other arrangements.

Crazy didn’t have time to get the laundry done before work the next morning, especially with Vito having had a second seizure during the night, neither did she have time to do more than bleach the area of the bed where Vito messed the night before.

Crazy was really hoping to go to bed early,  (see prior stories re: no or little sleep for days), so she installed fresh sheets on the bed.  After waiting for the blankets to launder and dry, with great anticipation, Crazy installed them as well.

Just as Crazy was placing her pillow and preparing to get much-needed sleep, Sarah stood on her hind legs, front feet on the bed, and belched a foul-smelling liquid across the freshly made bed.   The sheets soiled by Vito had just been put in the washer.   There were no other blankets.


So begins starting over washing the bedding so Crazy might get some sleep.


For the record; mid way through the second washing, Vito was rushed to the ER after his 4th seizure, so sleep was not in Crazy’s cards anyway.

Nothing Bad Has Happened Since January 17!  Could It FINALLY Be Over?

What you have just read are just the highlights.  Work issues have not been included.  17 days straight of trials and tribulations, and we are now at the point we are just sighing, shaking our heads and laughing.

This morning was the first opportunity we have had since the New Year to do a good and proper Sunday Family Desert walk.

Group 1:  Crazy, Sarah, Maude, Angus, Willy and Vito was very relaxing, and we made a new friend who may be walking with us on Sundays.

Group 2:  The other 8, was incredibly fun.  Somehow watching the nim wits having such a good time with us and each other causes everything else to just melt away.

There’s only 1 best dog in the world, and we are so blessed to have all 13 of them!

It is our hope that the rough patch has ended, and most importantly, that Vito will be OK.  2 days with no ill events certainly shows promise!

Special Thanks to John for checking in wondering if we were OK, having not seen a post in a while.   Even Crabby, who is not easily impressed, thought that was pretty cool!


38 thoughts on “Run A Muck Ranch News Bulletin: 1/19/14, Why Crazy Should Just Stay in Bed Until 2015

  1. Well, to say you’ve had some excitement is a gross understatement! The good news is that it sounds like you used up all the year’s bad luck in one big lump, so surely nothing more can happen…right?!?!?

    I’m with ya on the right turn on red. I am guilty of doing to same thing. When human passengers are present, they always tell me I’m risking a ticket. I reply that the red light is just a suggestion.

    Here’s hoping the rest of the year is kinder to you guys. Well, at least the rest of the week. Glad to see your sense of humor is still intact, even if your bank account is not. Sending positive vibes your way and I hope all the critters (and humans) stay healthy and hale!

    1. Crabby says the speed limit is just a suggestion. Y’all would get along great! Any other intersection, trailer or not, I stop and do the left, right then left again. This one, in the pitch black, or even during the day, you can see someone entering from the residential area a pretty long ways away! I cry foul on the stop by the deputy! Especially since he himself did it the very next day, right in front of, of all people.. me!

  2. After reading this I promise never, never, to complain about anything ever again. We have the same sort of thing here where you can turn off to the left where it says ‘ Turn Left with care Anytime” Our police are not too bad and would probably suggest a replacement for the tail light “soon as you can” and I have no idea what a Fog Line is. I suspect its the white line at the edge of the road and if that’s the case, many people make a game of it – not going over it but driving ON it. It has special properties which causes a car to vibrate if crossed – basically a warning to tired drivers – but the kids make a game of driving along it. As far as I know it’s not illegal but if it were just about every country driver would be fined every day. Healing thoughts to Charlie and Vito.

    1. Sometimes you need a little bad to make the good even better!

      As far as traffic and the difference between law enforcement – you have to keep in mind, I live in Sheriff Joe territory. The Department of Justice recently came down on him for racial profiling and his attack on anyone, usually latino, he can nail for being an illegal alien. I would have said at this point, my obvious landscaping profession (most employees are latino) makes me an easy target, but if you read a few comments down, Kyla was pulled over, and she’s just a Scottie. Oh, maybe that’s it! Maybe Kyla wasn’t carrying her papers!

  3. So maybe the black cloud hovering over you might have moved on? I certainly hope so!

    The incident with Charlie brought to mind that situation with Bleu when he had the infected leg. Remember the Betadine flush, that we had to frequently squirt the betadine solution into the deep wound to wash it out? I have thought of that many times and still marvel at what a great patient he was. We started out holding his opposite front hoof up so he would have to keep the bad leg anchored in order to keep him from moving during the flush process. Then he started picking up the hoof himself when I walked up to him with the Betadine solution and syringe! He was just as good when I did the soaks after his “operation”, and he never seemed to hold a grudge over his missing parts. OH, that was a long time ago.

    I hope the black cloud stays away and that Vito is OK.

    1. We most certainly hope the cloud has lifted!

      Bleu had a brain. Charlie was born without one. We’ve made it coming 19 years without a back end problem with him. We consider ourselves very lucky with that!

      1. our car was in ER too, but 421 bucks later we got it back ( now it is worth as much again), our chimney died (why always in winter?) and we have a damaged roof. Fortunately the pup is well and we will survive the cold what we exchange since weeks :o) but I’m always glad we haven’t to struggle with problems we can’t solve…

      2. Chuckle.. we were getting ready to fix our roof… and then Emmi and Slugger dropped into our lives. Tarp is still working, it will be 3 years next August! Maybe we should replace it this year…

        Hoping that fireplace is not your only source of heat. Cold is not a good way to be!

      3. Then you have my deepest sympathies and phantom bone aches for your current condition. I can take the heat – but the cold, not in a million years.

    1. In this house, it’s not a case of trying to find something to write, it’s a case on focusing on just one thing to write about!

      1. Send me your e-mail at I need assistance on a certain post I’m working on. Not sure if I should do it as a blog entry or a book. The subject matter WILL bring you up as I only speak the truth 🙂

  4. Which intersection on Carefree Highway? They were driving in the ScottieMobile on New River Road at 10pm. As you know, there are no lights and you’re in the middle of the desert. Then a big SUV got behind them and the headlights were just about the same height as the back window of the SM so They couldn’t tell what was going on-especially since the SUV was only 10 feet behind the SM. Both were starting to get scared and wondering if They should make a run for it-the SM can out-corner any SUV any day. The one thing They didn’t want to do was pull over, it might have turned Them into a sitting duck. All of a sudden, the red and blue lights went on. Why did the MCSO have to intimidate and scare Them for a burned out brake light on the right side? On the side of their vehicles is the motto, “Protect and Serve” but it doesn’t say who gets protected and served. They dropped a big notch in our approval ratings. I’m sorry you had to live a nightmare for the past few weeks.

    1. Duh, Kyla! You’re a SCOTTISH terrier! For all they knew, you were an illegal alien! I’m guessing the only reason you can even comment here is that your driver had your papers on hand to prove you were of legal status!

      I got it at the Circle K/Frys/Home Depot corner, I think it’s 48th Street. That right turn lane as you go into Dove Valley. Next time you’re in the area, stop at the yogurt bar and sit back and watch how many people, including MCSO roll that right heading south when there’s no one entering CF HWY from the north!

      1. Happens all the time. Drivers don’t even make a stop when going from I-17 northbound and going east on CF HWY-not even a pretense. It’s OK in my book-you can see everything you need to see to not have an accident PLUS there’s a special entrance lane for you to merge into traffic. There should be a “Yield Sign” but that doesn’t work for revenue enhancement. When stopped by the MCSO, I try to hide the fact that I bark with a burrrrr.

      2. Well, golly! I never noticed a stop there! I just assumed it was a merge right at all times lane! I’ve been blowing right through that one forever! Then again, that one is under Phoenix PD jurisdiction. If it was MCSO, I think I would have been schooled by now.

  5. Forget my comment. I think my dim brain has gone out for Pizza :o) I thought about a Scottish Terrier but my brain convinced me it meant something very different.

  6. I like Seafood Pizza and Garlic Bread :o) Yes of course you can, but don’t bring your dog. I am very partial to all Scottish Dogs (had a Westie as a boy) and if you bring him/her, you might find him/her being dognapped. :o)

    1. I don’t think you want to visit Edgar Kyla, it’s 1000 degrees where he is and the entire continent (at least according to the reports we get) is on fire!

      1. No, I have much kind thoughts regarding your worry, but my intention here was to show your friend that of the two places she mentioned, 1) where they are in relation to me and 2) to show that one is in a fire area and the other one is safe. And we still have three fires burning out of control here in SA

  7. I come through that area most mornings and I am usually on the fog line and following it as it is pitch black until you get to the light, luckily as early as I come through it the light is always green(least I think it is -or I believe it is and roll through as I don’t remember having to stop in the mornings)

    1. We’re all running on automatic in that area. Thinking MCSO has increased it’s quota requirements, so BE CAREFULL! Then again, I travel in the direction of the Circle K, which is where they go when nap time on 24th Street is over. After Circle K it’s shift change in Cave Creek. Pulling you over heading the opposite direction would cause too much stress in the system!

  8. I’m speechless. You’re quite possibly the most resilient people I know. And also the only people to make my permanent bad luck look like a breeze. Thanks heavens for your fantastic attitudes! I too find that watching the dogs romping around in a state of pure bliss is pretty much the most sure fire way to perk up even the gloomiest of glooms.

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