Why It Is Highly Unlikely I Will Ever Have My Own Cooking Show

I think this speaks for itself:



21 thoughts on “Why It Is Highly Unlikely I Will Ever Have My Own Cooking Show

  1. Yes well, Herself bought a package containing five lamb hearts. I stuck it in the freezer. I was very reluctant to work with them and having watched your video, well let us just say I might leave them in there for just a little longer :o)

    1. Crabby is reluctant to me bringing lamb in the house. Personally, I wish all life forms could be vegetarian. That being said, I think the lamb’s hearts would be much smaller than the beef, need less prep, and therefore easier to get used to.

      On a completely different tangent: The meat store I went to yesterday was an Arabic store. People can say all they want about weird things people eat, but I can testify that, unlike Americans, that meat store owner’s culture uses every possible part of the animal, and leaves very little, I wonder, if any, to waste… We as a culture should take a lesson.

  2. Bwahhaahhhhha I shouldn’t laugh…I am with you though…..;) Hugs to you you poor thing….btw love the way the kids are all looking at you as if to say..what’s the problem!! Fozziemum xx

    1. It’ll get easier with exposure. I was the same way with liver. Then again, I figured out how to work with liver without ever having to actually touch it until it’s cooked. Beef hearts – gonna have to learn to cut them raw to cook them properly!

    1. Keep in mind Kyla, I may be a lousy cooking show host, but wouldn’t YOU have wanted to be sitting on my kitchen floor at that particular time? 🙂

      1. Yeah, but I might have gotten scared by the drama. My Addison’s means I need a stress free environment. With that said, I have no idea what I’m doing here.

  3. Me cut up beef hearts, naw it ain’t gonna happen no matter how much I love my guys. My guys will have to make do with beef(hamburger or stew meat) and chicken.

    1. I have some nice pieces of cooked beef heart with your name on it! (the parts with all the fat removed has Clyde’s name on it)

      The expiration date is Wednesday – what isn’t fed then is disposed of. Not so hard to deal with when it’s cut!

      1. thanks for the beef heart, both gobbled a piece each right up and were licking their lips and dancing-they loved it!

      2. I bet they did! I might be dabbling in sheep spleen this weekend. I’ll be sure to call you over when I do!

  4. I feel with you, every time when I have to cut meat (or really weird things) I think the same: I love my dog! The worst adventure I had with omasum, the whole house smelled awful and Easy refused to eat it and distributed it everywhere… but I love my dog LOL

    1. Had to look up omasum. Sounds as fun as I’ve been warned to expect with green tripe… thinking I can find other icky things to mess with my senses without even going there!

      1. And it shall be ruined over and over. Kind of wondering about those sheep spleens the butcher wanted me to try…

    1. I’ve always said if I saw a perfume commercial where the supermodel, rather than drift gracefully across a golden pool, instead trips and falls on her face, THAT would be the fragrance I’d buy! One for real people!

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