32 thoughts on “Wayyyy Too Cute to Wait Til Sunday!

    1. We turned the space heater off since it warmed up, and the sweater had to come off to wash. May need to shave him to keep it on in the warm weather.

    1. You should see how he works the people at his rental dog house…

      Kid you not, I went to pick him up yesterday and he was sleeping on the people bed. I was going to wake him up and take him home but rental parents said they would bring him when he wakes up. Little $%##!!! didn’t even open an eye when I was there and standing right next to him.

      Me, I can work until my fingers bleed and no one cares. Willy takes a nap on the people bed, and Oh No! We CAN’T wake him up! We’ll just alter our evening plans and bring him home when he wakes up!

      Life’s not fair!

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