Sunday Cute Picture

I’m still going through the pictures of our Special Sunday Family Desert Walk where we took DASH!, Franky, Marcy and Mortimer to Canyon Creek Falls. We got a whole heaping of good pictures!

I just couldn’t wait until next week to share this one of DASH!:



Why anyone would throw this fun little guy away continues to mystify me.  I would have 100 of him if I could!


22 thoughts on “Sunday Cute Picture

      1. Sorry you can’t make the Camp Creek hike. We’ll have to do it again when you’re here. It’s a really pretty area!

    1. PS: Tell your mom we’re hiking a relatively easy trail on Saturday, Dec 28. It’s where Cave Creek Road goes into Tonto National Forest. (Camp Creek Falls) I know you’re kind of up there in years, but perhaps Mom and Kasie would be interested? E-mail me at if you want more information.

    1. DASH! has been here, I think 4 or 5 years. Not sure though, the days grow together. Been long enough that his previously black muzzle is starting to show a little gray.

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