Run A Muck Ranch News Bulletin 11/21/13

Run A Muck Ranch Places 2nd in Photo Contest

The famous Run A Muck Ranch photo of Emmi, Morty and Slugger, hamming it up in a water hole, placed second in a photo contest.


Run A Muck Ranch entered the contest with the hope of winning first prize, a painted portrait of its’ beloved Idiots, a luxury item it could never actually buy.

Second prize consisted of a dog  bed and treats from a local bakery.  Bummer is, unless said bed is industrial strength, it wouldn’t last an hour with The Hoard.  Also, since Run A Muck Ranch is the producer of Run A Munchies Homemade Dog Treats, well, treats really aren’t in short supply.

Given Run A Muck Ranch is not the appropriate place to receive the prize, said prize was given to a friend of Crazy’s to re-gift to someone in need.

Unexpected Gift Nearly Brings Crazy to Tears

On a recent dog walk, a friend of Crazy’s surprised her with an ornament painted with the faces of Emmi, Slugger, Gracie and Mortimer.  To say Crazy loved it is an understatement!


Please excuse the bad quality of the pictures!
Please excuse the bad quality of the pictures!


The artist who did this beautiful work paints ornaments as a fund raiser for her rescue organization, Safe Haven Small Breed Rescue.  She is already backlogged for orders for this Christmas, however, these ornaments, at least the one belonging to Run A Muck Ranch, will be prominantly and proudly displayed all year.

The pictures taken of the Run A Muck Ranch ornament really do not do justice to the artwork.  For those who have Facebook, please see More Examples of Ornaments.

If you are interested in placing an order, please contact Safe Haven at for more information.  Just be aware, the chances of getting an ornament for this Christmas, slim to none, but the artist is accepting orders for after the holidays.  Get in line while you can!

Fatness Overtakes Run A Muck Ranch

Emmi is the latest Run A Muck Ranch resident to be declared fat, having gained 4 pounds from her last weigh in.

With this declaration, Emmi joins Crazy, Vito, William, Gracie and Franky as those either on, or required to be on, a diet.

Run A Muck Ranch at dinner time is not the place one wants to be at this time.

Feed me more, Mom, or I will kill you in your sleep!
Feed me more, Mom, or I will kill you in your sleep!

In a related story, Emmi, Vito, William, Gracie and Franky are plotting ill will against Crazy because while she controls their diets, she cheats on hers.

Marcy Embarrasses the Reputation of Run A Muck Ranch at Her First Rental Mom Visit

Whereas the other Run A Muck Ranch kids are Rental Dogs, meaning their purpose is to sit on couches while being hand fed treats by dog lovers who, for whatever reason either can’t or simply don’t have dogs of their own, Marcy goes to a Rental Mom, whose purpose is to get Marcy used to other people and other dogs.

To set the stage, consider this:

This is Rylee, the dog of Rental Mom, Kim, on Marcy’s very first visit, with Crazy, to Rental Mom’s house:


Rylee is a happy, well-adjusted Labrador, willing to play with anything, regardless of leg count.

This was Marcy’s reaction to Rylee at their first meet:

This is NOT a happy Marcy!
This is NOT a happy Marcy!

After the fateful first meeting, arrangements were made to drop Marcy off, sans Crazy, at Rental Mom’s house, for a few hours.  At that visit, the entire time, Marcy acted like a spoiled little brat, ignoring all of Rylee’s offerings of toys and invitations to play.  Indeed, Marcy acted quite snarky toward Rylee in general.  Also, rather than interact with Rental Mom, Marcy decided she would rather pout in a corner.

Rental Mom is the very same person who brought Marcy to Crazy, in a trap, so she is well aware of what “Old” Marcy was like.  While some of Marcy’s actions at Rental Mom day were, indeed, caused by fear, overall her actions were one of a little girl not pleased that the world was not as perfect as she would like.

PLEASE Marcy!  Play with me!
PLEASE Marcy! Play with me!

Marcy has been warned that if she does not act a little more polite to her hostesses, at the very least, Rylee, Run A Muck Ranch will sell her beloved Slugger to the circus.  

On a serious note: For Marcy’s own safety, she absolutely must become at least somewhat comfortable around strangers, strange dogs and strange places.  Dogs allowed to live with their fears, real or imagined, are the ones who bite or can be lost and never found.  Also, Marcy’s behavior at Rental Mom appeared to be 1/2 fear, 1/2 brat.  It is the brat half that has Crazy most concerned.  Marcy will continue to visit Rental Mom as long as Rental Mom is willing to take her.

Sweet William Dazzles as a Rental Dog

It had been determined that Sweet William was ready to attempt as a Rental Dog.  (For those new to this blog, Crazy lends kids to certain friends and landscape maintenance clients for the day.  This provides variety and the ability for the kids to spend time in a lesser dog concentration environment.  Good times are had by both Rental Home and Rental Dog.  No money changes hands).

Willy accompanied Gracie to her Monday Rental Dog home for his inaugural visit.  Crazy had intended the day to be very short, however, problems occurred on jobs, and therefore she was late in picking the kids up.   With every tick of the clock, Crazy became more and more worried that Willy believed she had abandoned him.

Apparently that worry was unwarranted.


Willy seems to really enjoy being a Rental Dog!
Willy seems to really enjoy being a Rental Dog!


After Willy was told to make himself at home by his Rental Dog people, he did so by jumping up on the people bed and taking a nap, twice.  Between naps, he divided his cuddle time between both the male a female humans in the Rental Home, not even asking their permission before joining them on the couch.  He took a few gentle walks, played with toys, and chased a ball about the back yard.   He listened well and was very polite.   His over all rating as a Rental Dog was 10 out 5 stars.   Therefore, Willy will now be added to the permanent Rental Dog Rotation.

In a related story, Franky is plotting Willy’s demise since Willy bumped him from the Favorite Rental Dog pedistal at that particular Rental Home.  Gracie’s visits are mandatory.  If Willy goes, Franky would have to stay home, and Franky is not too happy about that.

In another related story:  Willy is off Crazy’s Favorite Dog List because he didn’t miss her, even a little, on his first day away from home.  Every other Run A Muck Ranch kid uttered at least a whimper that first day.  Willy, he could care less.

There Will be No Franken Morty

Though warned that Mortimer would have a scar at the site of his brain leak repair (see Mortimer Gets His Brain Leak Repaired), no scar has resulted.

The humans of Run A Muck Ranch are a little disappointed in this development as they were looking forward to calling him Franken Morty and had been fine tuning the bear attack story.  It is with great disappointment that Mortimer will only ever be known as Morty from here on in.

Say it a few times out loud:  “Franken Morty”, to understand the bummer of the situation!

While you too are feeling the disappointment that there will be no Franken Morty, please watch this video of Mortimer getting his heart ripped right out of his chest.  His visit to have the brain leak stitches removed was documented for posterity by Morty Cam.   While the rest of the recording was pretty dull, this particular segment was kind of cute.


The Crabby Man to Wear Pants for 3 Days if Run A Muck Ranch’s PetSafe Shelter Me Video Entry Reaches 2000 votes by Thanksgiving!

With the disclaimer that it is under protest, Crabby has agreed to wear pants at The Ranch, for 3 whole days, if only Emmi and Slugger’s Adopt A Shelter Dog That Needs a Little Work Promo Video reaches 2000 votes by Thanksgiving.

For those who don’t understand the sacrifice Crabby is willing to make for this cause, please see Put Your Pants On, We’ve Got Visitors!

More than anything else, Run A Muck Ranch needs votes!  Registration is required, and voting is once every 24 hours.  Every vote counts!  Just remember:  The top star is bad, the bottom star is good.   Please click the bottom star!

50% of any prize money won, per contest rules, goes to a municipal animal shelter.  Additionally, from Run A Muck Ranch’s cut, 20% would be given to Soldier’s Animal Companion Fund, the American arm of support for Nowzad.  The rest, after taxes, would be used to stock up on food or meds, or pay ahead on the never-ending Run A Muck Ranch vet bills.



12 thoughts on “Run A Muck Ranch News Bulletin 11/21/13

    1. We have to watch the chubbies with the chi’s because both have loose knees. Emmi kind of wants to be curvy. Willy is odd – he doesn’t get wider, he developes a uniboob between his front legs – kind of like a reverse camel… he just looks funny. Me, I don’t like being jiggly, but at the same time I REALLY like chocolate!

  1. Congrats on your 2nd place showing. I was runner up once in a contest, myself. It had a great first prize also. Unfortunately, the only other dog who entered got the prize.

    1. I know what you mean, Kyla, there are only 2 photo submissions so far in my ‘dangerous’ pitbull photo contest. I’m thinking I’ll just send both the prize offered to the winner 🙂

  2. Never a dull moment for you guys! Congrats on placing second in the contest! I’ve got a dog that needs to join the Run A Muck Diet group. Is your group a little like AA? Cause if it is, your newest member would like to introduce himself:

    “Hi, my name is Rufus, and I’m a foodaholic.”

    On another note, I can’t believe how far Marcy has come! From feral to diva…quite the journey!

    Love the videos, pics and updates, as always!

    1. Oh, say it isn’t so! Rufus isn’t chubby, he just likes to enlarge himself because he is so full of love!

      You MUST do an ornament of Rufus in his running gear (info in the news letter!).

    1. Thanks Morgan! If you happen to have any Valium or other sedative in your home, you will need it close to you for when you try to vote. They definitely don’t make it easy!

      1. They never do, do they? No worries! You’re worth the time, and who doesn’t love an excuse to double the size of their glass of wine?

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