Product Review: Sisu Beads and Memorial Keepsakes

Death is not a humorous topic, but this is our life right now:

Crabby and I aren’t getting any younger, or stronger for that matter, and our ground is beyond hard.   Maude will be 14 on November 15.  We have more than one reason to hope she lives forever, one of which is she’s a big girl.  Burying the kids that Heaven needed more has always been an act of love, however, with each one passing as the years go by, golly if the hole doesn’t get harder and harder to dig.

Crabby and I already discussed cremation as the option for when the need arises again, but somehow it seems to me to be a cop-out.  Blisters for the kids of the past, but convenience for the kids of the future?  Yup, I am already feeling guilty for something that hasn’t even occurred:  Not putting out the proper effort to lay my kids to rest.   Yes, we would bury the ashes with their brothers and sisters, but let’s face it, the hole wouldn’t have to be all that deep.

But there is a way to honor and remember my kids, even with cremation, but without the guilt:  Sisu Beads.

I am happy to say that I have not actually come into possession of any of the memorial keepsakes from Sisu Beads, but I certainly will in the future.  I have however, read every customer review on the web site and it appears company founders Gina Barbosa and Julie Steele have created a winner.

From the Sisu Beads Website: website

“When our amazing friend Michelle went to Heaven, we desired a secure, discreet way to honor her and keep her with us. We designed Sisu Beads memorial jewelry as a tangible way to stay connected.  Every Sisu Bead is hand sculpted with love.   The cremation ashes are hand mixed with the glaze and fired into the bead.  For our fine silver memorial jewelry, the cremation ashes are hand mixed with a fine silver clay and then fired into the silver.  We can also make Sisu Beads with a few locks of hair.  The hair is mixed with the clay when your bead is sculpted.”

What a wonderful way to honor a lost loved one!  To carry a part of them with you forever!  In my case, I’m not responsible enough to wear something so precious.  However, the thought that some day, when I’m cremated, I can have a part of my kids cremated with me, well, I find a certain comfort in that.

Memorial beads can be purchased as separate beads or incorporated into Jewelry.  For those of you with multiple memories;

The Mana Memorial Bracelet

Mana Memorial Bracelet
Mana Memorial Bracelet

and the Classic Memorial Necklace

Classic Memorial Necklace
Classic Memorial Necklace

both have the capacity to add beads in the future.

Beads are available in many colors and any unused ashes will be returned, that last part a very important to very important to everyone, I’m sure.

Everyone handles the death of a loved one differently, and some may cringe at what is suggested here, but there are those who might find this option is exactly what they’re looking for.

I apologize to Julie and Gina of Sisu Beads.  I have been writing and re-writing this post since September 18, 27 times,  according to my WordPress revisions record.  No matter how many times I edited it, it never seems to do justice to your work, so I stalled and stalled.  I don’t believe even this post does justice, but at least the mention is out there for those who might find comfort in what Sisu Beads has to offer.     Again, I apologize if this post falls short.


18 thoughts on “Product Review: Sisu Beads and Memorial Keepsakes

  1. I think you did a beautiful job with the review, 27 times huh, you just put a huge smile on my face. Thank you. We truly love what we do, each and everyone has an amazing story and we fall in love over and over. We feel like we have a growing family that we gain with each and every Sisu Bead.
    Thank you again,
    Gina and Julie

    1. And now you know why every time you commented on one of my posts, my response was always “I haven’t forgotten about you!”. When I can do it right, I’ll do it again.

  2. It’s no different here..we have however always had our babies cremated,we have special little boxes with their ashes in them..we like this as they can always be with us and the last one standing out of hubby and i will be cremated with their ashes ..there are places here that will make rings and jewelry with their ashes also’s never an easy decision..hugs Fozziemum xx

    1. I used to be pretty transient, so when I lost a kid, I cremated and spread the ashes in a place we both loved. Since living at The Ranch, we buried. Trying to write this particular product review, and talking to fellow dog/cat/horse moms, I am feeling better about cremating the future ones. Only now, part goes out with the kids that have passed along the way, and part will be made into a Sisu Bead that will go with me if The Ranch ever re-locates.

      1. It is hard when you move about..we did for a long time and hence cremation..we are pretty settled now but when we retire it will be different…I think it’s lovely that we think this shows we care…better than the way some poor animals go through their lives.

  3. I’ve always buried our babies, however, when I had to put my little man down, burying him wasn’t an option. He had slept with me all of his life, and and now I was supposed to put him in the ground (even though that’s the process of life)? Negative. I have him at home, in his warm urn, and I can live with that, but not the other option. Thank you for the post, I will have to have me a bracelet made. It’s been eight months and still the pain of losing him is fresh. I don’t think it ever goes away.

    1. If it ever goes away completely, you didn’t do it right. It does get easier though.

      Just remember: There are things about you now that wouldn’t have been if your little man hadn’t been in your life. Treasure those changes and feel lucky that out of nearly 7 billion people, he was with you, and gave you things the rest of us will never know. That makes both you and him special.

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