Sunday Cute Picture: NO ONE Does a Butt Scratch Like My Dad!

1398283_590711480966780_2088379621_o (1)


24 thoughts on “Sunday Cute Picture: NO ONE Does a Butt Scratch Like My Dad!

    1. Maybe Kacie is next. I’ve done some meets with Far Fetched Friends and our walks haven’t been all that strenuous. Would like to invite you and yourn to the next North ‘hike’ at Spur Cross. Figured since it was in your same time zone, maybe if your lady(s) were up to it, you would join us!

      1. Kaci might be interested. I’m a little old for it. It may not be convenient for the peep-works odd days and hours. Got a phone nr?

      2. e-mail me at A little leery of posting the phone number where the world can call me!

        You did bring a tear to my eye… most people are fixated on PM’s, e-mails and texts. Another one that uses the voice. Sniffle! 🙂

    1. Honestly, I have never met a but scratch loving Chi – they seem to like the reverse direction (the hands on either side going in opposite direections), full palm rub along the sides…

      1. Well, you know, Pierre IS a Chit-bull! He loves a good bottom scratch. But yes, he likes a good ear scratch, too.
        He is LOVING those stinky meat sticks. He’s chewing one now. Thanks. 🙂

      2. In case your email is funky, I just replied that you are free to post any of those pics. The kid isn’t over exposed. 🙂 (“Exposed” would be a picture developing pun if it were 20 years ago…)

    1. Thank you for visiting! I think I’m following them as well, must check! Can you post their link here just in case I don’t have them?

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